Wrestling Fact or Fiction: ROH, The Briscoes, Dusty vs Flair & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
ROH, The Briscoes, Dusty vs Flair & More
November 21, 2019

Dedicated to the memory of James Wayne Dameron. Rest in peace, my friend.

Wrestling Fact or Fiction is back over at 411mania.com. Yay for that. And Mr. Jake Chambers is the man responsible for bringing it back. Much thanks to him for that because not only does it provide a great read and fun piece for 411mania.com, but I can “borrow” their statements and put my own spin on the piece and give my own answer and opinions. It’s win – win for everyone. And it’s great fun for me too. So here we are and it’s time to give the lowdown on different statements and whether they make sense or are stupid, idiotic and belong on “the list”.

I went and pulled a few statements from the first few new editions over at 411mania and now, it’s time to quit being nice and start being real. Yes, I’m using the tag line from the MTC series, The Real World. Consider it a tribute to Pedro… and Miz. So are you ready? Let’s do this…

The age of the “Dominant Big Man” in pro wrestling is gone forever or at least in our lifetime.

FACT: Look at Daniel Bryan or Rey Mysterio or Seth Rollins or even Kofi Kingston. None of these guys are that big, but they use speed and skill and hold their own and regularly defeat men much larger than they are. There are still some “giants” out there, but even Braun Strowman takes beatings and loses as much as he wins. To be “the man” these days, it’s not a size thing, but a combination of talent, skill, speed, character to make one into the total package and a star.

Classic Ring of Honor is better than classic ECW.

FICTION: Classic ROH has some great memories with talent like CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Jamie Gibson and so many others, but nothing beats the craziness and energy that was ECW in their prime years. ECW was and is the company of legend and it deserves every kudos that it gets.

Pro wrestling should be more like a sport and not a narrative between good and evil.

FICTION: Why can’t it be both? Have matches that are serious and about the competition and on the same card, have the good guys fight the bad guys and tell the stories. It’s worked for so many years, it can’t be ignored or forgotten. Wrestling is big enough for everyone and everything. ‘Nuff said!

ROH needs a live weekly television show to compete and stay relevant.

FICTION: They have their shows in syndication so they already have a tv presence. A live show would be good, but without a national network to show the show and help with the bills, it could hurt as much as it helps. TV is a costly venture and as AEW is proving now, just because you’ve got a prime spot doesn’t mean that people are going to come to the shows. ROH still has a spot and a place in the hearts of fans and so long as they keep putting out a strong product with good stories, wrestlers, etc, they’ll be okay, live show or not.

The Briscoe Brothers are under-rated.

FACT: The Briscoe Brothers, long time ROH superstars, are one of the most consistent and solid teams in pro wrestling… period. They don’t get the credit due sometimes because they’re loyal to ROH and not part of WWE or AEW, but they’re just as good as and better than most of the teams that work in those companies. Under-rated? Definitely!

You prefer regular cage matches to the Hell In A Cell matches.

FACT: I’m a strong advocate of keeping it simple. A Hell In A Cell is good every so often as the blow-off for a feud, but a good old fashioned regular cage match is far more exciting and fun for me to watch.

WWE needs to bring back Halloween Havoc.

FACT: If they own the rights to the name, use it. It was a WCW tradition and has a great history and makes sense to use during the October month as a PPV. I’d also like to see WWE bring back Slamboree: A Legends Reunion. Run the event in conjunction with the old-school episode of RAW and give the WWE fans a whole week of nostalgia. I’d also make the WWE Hall of Fame events a part of Slamboree to make it one of the big events for WWE, maybe sometime inbetween Mania and SummerSlam. A “Legends Week” for WWE would be awesome.

The Mt. Rushmore of TNA / Impact would be AJ Styles, Abyss, Sting & Austin Aries.

FICTION: While I have no problem with AJ, Abyss and Sting, I think the fourth person would have to be Jeff Jarrett. Without Jeff, there would not even be a TNA / Impact and he deserves credit for that.

In their prime, Dusty Rhodes was better than Ric Flair.

FICTION: Dusty was the better booker and politician to be sure, but as the old cliche’ goes, Diamonds are forever and so is the Nature Boy. Horsemen 4 Life!

Jim Cornette is a great color commentator.

FACT: Despite that recent bit of controversy with NWA Powerr, no one can dispute the fact that Jim Cornette can call a match like few others. He’s intelligent, provocative, entertaining and damn good at what he does. Cornette is one of the best color guys ever, period!

Dennis Rodman wasn’t that bad at wrestling during his run in WCW.

FACT: Despite his personal issues and love for drama, Rodman actually looked good and worked hard in that ring. He didn’t go in unprepared and was ready to pull his share of the match. And if you ever watch the matches that he had against Curt Hennig a few years after WCW closed in Australia, he’s looks damn good. He’s no Ricky Steamboat, but he didn’t half-ass it or play the Diva either. Rodman is not one of my favorite people, but he has nothing to be ashamed of from his time in the wrestling business.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, please feel free to drop me a line either in the comments or at my e-mail Doug28352@yahoo.com. Until the next time, stay safe and don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling companies. Take care.


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