Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Val Venis, Rusev Day, Billy Jack Haynes & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Val Venis, Rusev Day, Billy Jack Haynes & More
January 5, 2020

Another edition of the Q&A? It’s almost like it’s a holiday or something. It is. It’s Rusev Day! My thanks to Marti and to Darren G. for the questions. I guess now, it’s time for me to find a few answers. Let’s do this…

Does Val Venis belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Multiple times as Interncontinental Champion and Tag Team Champion so I guess he belongs as much as anyone. Venis was a big part of the Attitude Era and Sean Morley, the man behind the towel and who was doing the “porn star” gimmick long before Lars Sullivan was exposed for having a booty, is well respected by all of his peers in the business. He’s not a first ballot inductee and wouldn’t be a must-have for the HOF, but I can’t see any reason for anyone to object to his being inducted either.

The NWA is planning on an all-female show. Is this ia good idea?

It’s an idea that may or may not work and I commend the NWA for running with this concept and wish them well, but personally, I think I’d rather see the shows like Powerr be a combination of men and women’s matches with the focus being on great performers and entertaining matches that matter instead of splitting it up due to gender. I don’t want to see only great men wrestlers or only great women wrestlers. I just want to see great wrestlers and good matches and good stories being told both in and out of the ring. An all-female wrestling show has it’s place as W.O.W. and GLOW proved back in the day, but this is 2020 and the talent, regardless of gender, should be what’s featured on the NWA shows. Don’t be all male or all female. Just be all good!

Should Rusev Day be declared a national holiday?

I thought it already was. If not, it should be. Happy Rusev Day, my Peeps!

Booker T has indicated that he’s interested in managing The Street Profits. Yes or no?

While I can see a short run with Booker acting as the “Coach” of The Street Profits, I can’t see it working as a long range project for Booker or the Profits. Booker would add a serious tone to the Profits, which they need, but Booker would also be stealing the attention and spotlight from the men he’s supposedly trying to help and unless there was a payoff at the end of The Profits turning on Booker and maybe taking on (and defeating the Harlem Heat) somewhere down the road, I think that having Booker as the manager or Coach of The Profits on a long term basis just doesn’t work for me.

Should WWE bring back “guest hosts”?

Unless those hosts are Jay & Silent Bob (Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes), the answer is a definite NO!

Should there be a Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship?

While I can see the arguments for it, the bottom line right now is that there are too many titles in WWE right now as it is with the RAW belts, the Smackdown belts, the NXT titles, the NXT UK Championships, the Women’s titles and the Cruiserweight title. If a couple of 205 Live stars want to wear tag team gold, they should challenge for the NXT Tag Team titles or the NXT UK Tag Team Titles. The title scene in WWE is already a confusing mess and another set of titles would only add to the confustion and craziness.

Billy Jack Haynes. Is he really crazy as he seems or is it just a work?

I really wonder about this one and I do honestly think that Haynes has mental issues and is a total freaking basket case nut job,but if he was as whacked out as he tries to be on shoot interviews and when he gets to talking about wrestling and Vince, Benoit, Austin, etc, I think he’s playing it up a lot as well. Once a worker, always a worker and Haynes was a talented worker back in the days. I wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with him or around him at all for that matter and I think that he probably could use some strong medication or maybe that’s the problem and he’s already on strong meds. Don’t know and don’t care to know, but Haynes is a unique character and has a unique perspective on things. Is it real? Is it fake? Who knows? It keeps him in the spotlight and gives him a degree of relevancy and I guess that’s all that matters to him.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Just drop me a line here at the site or e-mail me at Doug28352@yahoo.com. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. Don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling companies and follow me on Twitter at @Doug28352. I’ll see you at the matches.


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