A Day Of Dougie (Rapid Fire Edition) – MLK, Gunsmoke, Man Caves & More…

A Day Of Dougie
Rapid Fire Edition
MLK, Gunsmoke & More
January 20, 2020

Welcome to a very special Day of Dougie. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I’ll be giving my thoughts about the esteemed civil rights leader in just a few minutes. And it’s also a “rapid fire” edition of the D.O.D. so that means many trips into the so-called “Magic Bag” and many topics commented upon with short, sweet and the first thing that comes to mind. These are always fun to do and hopefully, it will be entertaining for you, my loyal readers, as well. So let’s talk about MLK Day first and then get to stepping with some drawing names and spreading the words of Dougie. Are you ready? Let’s do this…

Martin Luther King Jr. Day…

Today is January 20, 2020 and as noted, it’s a federal holiday in observance of famed civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. While I’m not sure if a federal holiday is really appropiate, I’m not complaining either. It gives me a paid day off from work and that’s something that I’ll never turn down. As for King, he had a dream and did what he could to make it come true. A world where all men, regardless of race and color, were treated equally and have the same opportunities. And for the most part, for those willing to make the effort and work for success, race doesn’t matter anymore. It’s ambition, drive, desire and willingness to struggle that ensures success. Unfortunately, too many people don’t get that and still use their race as an excuse to not succeed and to waste their lives and remain slaves to the system. They’ve taken the dreams and work of King and perverted the ideas to feel entitled and that they’re owed success and good fortune. No one is owed anything period. If a person can’t get a job or pay their bills, ninety-nine percent of the time it has nothing to do with their race. They need to look at themselves first and that’s where the problems usually live. It’s so easy to scream “race”, but if you’re staying out drinking all hours of the night, smoking pot all the time, walking around with your pants sagging and your ass hanging out, talking street and slang instead of proper English and have tattoos covering your face and entire body and have children by several different partners and none of which you bother to support or spend time with as a proper parent, you can’t complain that no one will “give you a chance”. If Dr. King could see the people of today and how they behave and act, he wouldn’t be happy or supportive. He’d be horrified. No one gets a free ride because of their race. Dr. King preached equality, not one being better or more important than anyone else. Just because a person is black doesn’t allow them to break the law and get off scott free, no more than it would anyone else. Dr. King has a dream. Too many people have turned it into a nightmare. And that, my friends, is a crying shame.

Let’s move on and get out the bag. It’s time to start drawing out topics. And away we go…

Silent Night – Deadly Night

A series of slasher / horror flicks from the late 80’s and early 90’s that I remember watching many times. It seems as if everytime I went to the video store, there would be a new one out and I’d have to watch and enjoy as people were hacked up, slaughtered and butchered, all with a Christmas song and decorations in the background. I can’t remember the basic premise of the movie and if it was just a crazy guy playing the slasher or if there was some kind of supernatural element to the story, but they were good and fun movies for the time.

Man Cave

Where we men go to relax, meditate and just be men again. As we get older, our homes fall victim to the whims of our wives, our kids, our pets, etc. A man’s home is supposed to be his castle, but this is 2020 and more often than not, things don’t always go as they should and instead of a castle, we’re in a crazy little prison of everyone else’ whims and happiness, but rarely our own. So we have one room, one garage, one something that becomes ours. We decorate as we like, put in a big TV and a small fridge, some comfortable chairs and furniture and this becomes our escape from the rest of the family and the world at large. Only we don’t have to hide the secret entrances behind a bookcase and slide down poles as Batman did his Batcave. We just walk outside to the garage or go to the designated room and close the door and hope for the best. We are men. Hear us roar. And that is why we have Man Caves.


One of the longest running television shows in history starring James Arnass as Matt Dillon and Ken Curtis as Festus. It was on forever and who can forget the adventures of Matt, Miss Kitty, Doc & Festus as they kept their town safe, healthy and drunk for well over twenty years. Burt Reynolds got his start on this show as well. I remember watching it from time to time, but was never really a big fan. My Dad was a big fan though and actually, I remember my Mom telling a story about him and this show. When she was pregnant with one of my sisters, I can’t remember if it was Lynn or Terri, but regardless, the way Mom said it was that she was starting to go into labor and they needed to leave to go the hospital. But Dad was watching Gunsmoke on the TV and didn’t want to leave until the show went off. He did give in and they went to the hospital and my sister was born the next morning, but Dad was more concerned with watching Marshall Dillon shoot it out with a bad guy then going to see his daughter be born. I’ve always thought that was funny.

Rubber Tree Plants

All that comes to mind when I ses this topic is Laverne and Shirley singing the song about the ant and his high hopes. You remember it, don’t you? “Just what makes that little old ant think he can move a rubber tree plant…. cause everyone knows an ant can’t move a rubber tree plant. But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes, he’s got high apple pie in the sky hopes. So if you think that you can’t, just you think of that ant and whoops there goes another rubber tree plant!” I loved me some Laverne and Shirley.

Burns & Allen

George Burns and Gracie Allen, one of the best comedy duos of all time and the stars of first a radio program and then a television show of the same name in the 49’s and 50’s. George was the smart-ass husband and Gracie was the loveable, but dingy wife and where she went, comedy gold always happened. Two very funny and entertaining and talented people who made a big mark in Hollywood and are missed even to this day.

The Creek

While living in Wilmington, NC, I lived at some apartments called “The Creek”. Man, that was a time. I worked at the Dairy Mart, a convenient store that was just a few hundred feet away from the apartments and had a fantastic one bedroom apartment that looked out on the volley-ball court. I liked that small apartment and while living there, I met some of the most incredible and amazing people I’ve ever known. My upstairs neighbors were a couple of college students named Brent and Russ, two wild & crazy guys from up North who I still maintain contact with to this day. Brent is the man behind SMF Cyberspace and one of the most creative and intelligent guys I’ve ever known and Russ, he’s married and doing great as well. Man, if those walls at that apartment could talk, it would be a fun listen to be sure (but I’m glad they can’t). I miss that apartment and that life sometimes. Those were some good days for me.

And I think I’ll end this right here. I could do more, but my loving fur-baby, Mouth, is wanting some attention and is getting pretty persistent. Also, it’s getting late and I need to go to bed soon. So thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions about anything at all are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, Happy MLK Day and have a great one. Stay safe and I’ll see you at the matches.



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