Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: David Benoit, Taz, Lars Sullivan & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
David Benoit, Taz, Lars Sullivan & More
January 23, 2020

Good morning and welcome back. It’s time to play catch-up and tackle a few of the questions that have been waiting in my inbox while I deal with some minor medical issues. Translation: My damn feet hurt! They’re swollen up like little piggies and I can barely walk. And guess what? It sucks! But I can type and these questions, courtesy of Matt & Mister P. aren’t going to answer themselves. So let’s get to stepping (gingerly) and do some of that Q&A stuff. And away we go…

David Benoit wants to wrestle as Chris Benoit Jr. and attempt to redeem his families name. Thoughts?

While I applaud his attitude and think it’s a noble cause, I also think it’s an idea that just isn’t going to happen. If Benoit wants to wrestle, using his real name of David Benoit, so be it. Go for it. But he allegedly wants to use the name Chris Benoit Jr. and that just won’t ever happen. His father WAS a great wrestler and iconic figure in this business we all love and enjoy, but no matter how good Chris Benoit was in that ring and the legacy he created, he also murdered his wife and child and some things can not be overlooked or forgiven. If David Benoit wants to wrestle, then wrestle and build a reputation and legacy of his own. So far as redeeming the name of his father though, that just will not happen.

Taz has signed a multi-year contract deal with AEW. Good idea or bad?

Taz is a good announcer and adds credibility to the promotion with his reputation and history. Good for AEW and good for Taz.

Do you think WWE has too many wrestlers in their roster? Guys like EC3 and ladies such as Dana Brooke can’t get a chance because the top guys won’t either retire or are overused. Thoughts.

It’s hard to say there are too many people since WWE has essentially five different promotions to book for with RAW, Smackdown, NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live, but it is a crowded locker room and roster to be sure. And then when you throw in the talent from the Performance Center who are not even technically part of the roster yet, oh vey! I do feel that a lot of talents are overlooked or forgotten and could be used better. Having all that talent available is not a bad thing. Not trying to use them all, that is the problem.

Wrestlemania 36, Lesnar versus McIntyre, too soon or just right?

It works for me. Book it Vince.

Out of the current Raw/Smackdown rosters, if Ted Dibiase was to return and make and have someone be his Million Dollar Champ…Who would you choose?

My first pick would be Buddy Murphy, but as of Monday, he and Seth are the RAW Tag Team Champions and he’s getting a good push. I’d actually go with Baron Corbin. He’s a great heel, people really do hate him and what should be the next step for a “King” once his reign ends? How about a Million Dollar Championship?

Name a wrestler that’s widely considered an all-time great that was NOT good on the mic.

Bret Hart is the first name that comes to mind for me, but others that also fit this description would include Bob Backlund, Ken Patera, Greg Valentine, Chyna and hell, even Bruno Sammartino by today’s standards.

CM Punk returns and wins the Royal Rumble. AJ Lee returns and wins the Royal Rumble. They both go win at WM and we have a new power couple. How amazing would that be?

Just as I said in the question about Brock and Drew, it would definitely work for me. Book that too, Vince!

Can Lars Sullivan still be a star in the WWE?

He’s got the look and by all reports, it will be at least six more months until he’s ready to wrestle again and return from injury. So can he be a star? It would take a lot of work, a lot of rebuilding his character and but no character is unsalvagable. If he’s good enough in the ring and on the mic that fans become invested and can believe in him, the craziness that is his past will be forgotten or at least mostly ignored. Look at Paige for example. It wouldn’t be easy, but it could be done.

And that’s all for me right now. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, drop me a line and let’s chat. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. Support your local Indy wrestling events. I’ll see you at the matches.


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