Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: WWE Backstage, Heath Slater, AJ Styles & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
WWE Backstage, Heath Slater, AJ Styles & More
March 6, 2020

Good morning on this lovely Friday. Did I say lovely? Well, I’m lying my ass off. It sucks. I went to the doctor’s office this morning and I may as well just decided to stay in bed for all the good it did. If I don’t change my mind or have a complete breakdown before, my current plans are to write about the doctors, my current medical situation, and what the future holds later this afternoon. Or I may just go to bed. It’s cool, dark and quiet in my room and it’s the only place I can have any kind of peace and get away from my loving family. Oh vey! I love my people, but they are not productive for a relaxing and healing environment. Please, just shoot me now! Since that isn’t an option though, we’ll do an edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A instead. Questions today from Kevin, Cheese & Eric. Let’s do this…

From Kevin on Twitter:
What do you think about @WWEBackstageFOX
having the lowest rating ever this week? I think @fs1
should change it’s timeslot to primetime. IMO 11 pm est is too late.

The ratings were corrected and WWE Backstage ended up with an audience of 56,000 viewers instead of the 18,000 originally reported, but that’s still a low number especially when you consider that Jeff Hardy and JBL were the guests. I agree with you that 11:00 pm is too late and that the time slot has a strong impact on the audience. A change to 10 pm would make a difference and help a lot. Maybe a change from Tuesday to Monday nights with a plug from RAW as it ends to send the audiences to FS1 would help at well. That way, it could still be at 11 pm, but get the crossover effect and audience from RAW. I like watching Backstage and I think it has an energy and a strong appeal and I’m surprised that the numbers aren’t higher.

From Cheese:
Triple H takes full control of Raw and SD but Vince takes full control of NXT. Do you take it?

It would make for an interesting twist and shake things up for sure if the two top guys in WWE, Vince, and HHH, were to switch roles, but would it really make things any better? I’d take it and be very interested in seeing how things turn out.

Bam Bam Bigelow versus Keith Lee. Who wins?

Two big men who can move with far more agility and speed than men that size have any right to. This would be a fun match to see. I can’t really predict a clean finish to this match and feel we’d have a no-contest or disqualification as the ending. But if there must be a winner, no disrespect to the legend that was Bam Bam Bigelow, but I feel Lee would be the one to walk out as the winner of this one.

Should Heath Slater be repackaged?

Yes, as Clem Layfield. Bring back Heath’s alter-ego from the old JBL & Cole Show and playing off of JBL’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, let Heath, I mean “Big Clem Layfield” pick up where the “Wrestling god” left off and start kicking some ass. Anything that can get Heath on television and into a strong mid-card presence or even as a top tag team, I’m fully in support of.

From Eric M.
Thoughts on Cody’s new neck tattoo?

All I can say is, “What the… ?” What the hell was Cody thinking? Tattoos are cool, but sometimes, you just have to say no. Cody should have said no.

Ronda Rousey & Cain Velasquez were both recently spotted at WWE Headquarters. Are you ready to see these two come back to the ring?

So far as Velasquez goes, I wasn’t impressed with him last time around and I could care less if there is ever a second time. As for Rousey, she’s a tough lady who I enjoyed watching perform in that squared circle. If she’s ready to come back, bring it on.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated has named AJ Styles their “Wrestler of the Decade”. Do you agree?

Week in and week out, over the past ten years, who has had the best matches and most consistent performances? AJ has been in a league of his own and I can’t think of anyone in wrestling aside from AJ who has had this strong a decade. I fully support PWI’s choice. Congrats to AJ for an honor well deserved.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and for the questions. Any comments, thoughts or questions you’d like to throw at me, just give me a holler and we’ll do it. I’m here at the site, at Doug28352@yahoo.com or onTwitter at @Doug28352. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I will see you later.



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