Wrestling Fact or Fiction: John Cena, Wellness Policy, AEW & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
John Cena, Wellness Policy, AEW & More
March 6, 2020

Are you ready for that wrestling “Fact or Fiction” thing? The statements are credited to Jake Chambers & 411mania.com. The opinions that follow, that’s all me. Let’s do this…

Statement #1: The WWE did the right thing by having popular veterans like Undertaker, Goldberg & Brock Lesnar squash AJ Styles, The Fiend & Ricochet at Super ShowDown.

FICTION: Arguments can be made that Brock beating Ricochet wasn’t a surprise and even having the Fiend go down to Goldberg wasn’t really bad as it seems since it took several spears and Goldberg was known for winning his matches, regardless of the opponent, in short form. The thing with Undertaker and AJ Styles did bother me a bit though. AJ may have been in shock at seeing Undertaker headed that way, but he had several minutes to recover from his “match” against R-Truth while The Good Brothers beat up Rey Mysterio, while he argued with the referee and while Taker disposed of Gallows and Anderson before heading to the ring. That it took only one very weak looking choke-slam for Taker to put AJ down and pin him, that was pure insanity at it’s worst. We’ve seen AJ get up and back in action from far harder shots so many times, it just didn’t seem right. AJ deserved better and so did the fans than that ending.

Statement #2: John Cena is the greatest WWE/F “superstar” of all time.

FICTION: So long as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is alive and breathing, Cena will always be a distant second and arguments can be made that he’s even farther down the ladder than that. When Cena has had the success that The Rock has had in Hollywood, maybe we can talk, but until then, I don’t think so.

Statement #3: AEW has the best wrestling storylines on Wednesday nights.

FACT: It’s a tough call, but with the Jericho battles against Moxley, the Inner Circle, the Adam Page conflicts with his partner Kenny Omega’s mates, The Young Bucks and best of all, Cody versus MJF, that’s what draws my attention and what I find myself paying most attention to. I enjoy the Undisputed Era stories and the Velveteen Dream returning and waiting to see who Matt Riddle pisses off too as much as anything, but right now, AEW seems to have the edge.

Statement #4: WWE should stop suspending wrestlers for any ‘wellness policy’ violations.

FICTION: If rules are broken, there should be consequences. Maybe the whole suspension thing isn’t the best way of dealing with talent who violate the company policies, but can you think of a better way? I can’t. So unless they can come up with something better, leave things as they are.

Statement #5: Beth Phoenix belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame.

FICTION: I like Beth and do believe that she should be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame eventually, but let’s get real here. Her induction came about not for her accomplishments, but for who her husband is. Beth had a solid career and it’s nothing to be sneezed at, but to see her wearing that ring while Victoria, Mickie James, Miss Elizabeth (RIP), Penny Banner, Woman (RIP), Missy Hyatt, Baby Doll, Sable, etc, are all still waiting for their spot, it just isn’t right in my eyes.

Statement #6: The “Road to Wrestlemania” is the most compelling time of the year for WWE.

FACT: This is the one time of year that everyone seems to be focussed and giving 110%. Most of the time in WWE, it’s a mixed bag at best, but when it comes time to start pointing to that sign, it becomes a great contest of “top this” with all the talents, writers, etc. This is absolutely my favorite time of the year for WWE.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and again, my thanks to Jake Chambers for use of your statements and format. Any comments, thoughts or questions, drop me a line and let’s chat. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I’ll catch you later.



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