A Day Of Dougie: Remembering A Friend

A Day Of Dougie
Remembering A Friend
May 15, 2020

Good morning and welcome to what will be a very short edition of a “Day of Dougie”. I made the mistake of going to Facebook first when I got to the computer and well, you know how that goes, right? Forty minutes later, I’m glancing at the clock and realizing that I still have to finish getting ready for work, haven’t had breakfast yet, and still have yet to write the epic piece of literary genius that I originally came in here to write. Yeah, it’s one of those days. So let’s can the chit-chat and get busy, shall we? So it’s a Day of Dougie. Blah, blah, blah! Let’s get to it.

Today is the birthday of a friend of mine named Brian. Brian passed away a few months ago due to suicide. We weren’t very close. I wish I could say otherwise, but our friendship was more casual and if we happened to run into each other, it would be a quick “how you doing?” and exchange an update on our lives, a few bad jokes, and then move on. So casual acquaintance is probably more fitting. But I’ve known him for almost thirty years and we drank together a few times back in the day.

Brian was an alcoholic. Brian had issues. And none of that detracts that Brian was one of the best people I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. He would do anything for anyone, always had a pleasant word, a warped sense of humor, and a big heart. He marched to his own beat, but the best way to describe him would be that he was always, at least to me, a damn good guy.

I wish we had kept in closer contact over the years, but life doesn’t work that way sometimes. He had a family, a beautiful daughter, and did his thing. And his thing and mine were down different roads and in different directions, so we went from being cool and casual friends to a guy I would see every so often, mostly at work, exchange a few words, and then move on.

I miss that guy. I never knew when I would see him or maybe exchange a joke or sick comment on Facebook, but when it happened, it would be a highlight for my day. This world can be a hard place and things are rough sometimes. It got to be too much and he couldn’t take it anymore. And now he’s gone. And we still carry on.

I hope that he finally found peace and the joy that eluded him in this life. I’m not defending his decision nor am I condemning it. I only wish there had been another way and that he was still here with us, now and today. We weren’t great friends, but we were friends. And he wasn’t a big part of my life, but he was a part of my life. And Brian made an impact on me and my world whether he realized it or not.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Brian. We miss you and we love you. Thanks for the memories, the good times, the bad jokes, and for the time we did have with you. Rest in Peace friend. You are missed and will always have a place here in our hearts and memory.

Brian Keith Baker
5/15/73 – 11/29/19
Happy Birthday in Heaven


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