Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Mike Shaw, Gronk vs Mongo, Sean O’Haire & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Mike Shaw, Gronk vs Mongo, Sean O’Haire & More
June 8, 2020

Happy Monday. No, not yet because it’s still technically Sunday night, but tomorrow will be a long day and I won’t have much time to do anything here at the site. Well maybe a video, but that will probably still be it. So what am I to do in that I have several questions waiting, courtesy of Cheese & Facebook? That’s easy. I’ll do the Q&A now and post it later tonight and it will count as tomorrow’s site content. That sounds like a plan to me. So guess what? Let’s do this…

Do the Steiner Brothers belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

As a tag team and as singles performers, both Scott and Rick Steiner had excellent careers and are definitely Hall of Fame worthy. Unfortunately, due to the general instability that is Big Poppa Pump, the chances of seeing Rick and Scott up there being inducted are slim or none. I think that one day, they will get their just due. It just may take a while.

Thoughts on Sean O’Haire?

A talented man with a great look and every tool needed to be a huge name, but unfortunately, due to politics and personal demons, never really got the chance to be everything he was capable of in the world of professional wrestling. I enjoyed O’Haire and his work in WCW as part of the Natural Boy Thrillers and then, later in WWF, as the Devil’s Advocate and then associate of Roddy Piper. Along the way, he lost his passion and got a raw deal by WWE, but he was damn good, a great talent who could have been one of the best.

What is your favorite character portrayed by Mike Shaw?

Aaron Grundy, Big Ben Sharpe, Bastion Booger, Cousin Mike, Friar Ferguson, Jed Grundy, Klondike Mike, Makhan Singh, Man Mountain Mike, Mike Striker, Norman the Lunatic, Norman the Maniac, Trucker Norm, William Danger, and Mike The Danger. These are the names used by Mike Shaw during his wrestling career. Most were in territories and short-termed gimmicks, but the ones that matter and I’ve witnessed were Bastion Booger, Makhan Singh, and the different aspects of Norman. Makhan was good, but it didn’t have an international appeal to it and was mainly in Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling. Bastion Booger was embarrassing to see and he deserved better than that. I guess due to the process of elimination, Norman the Lunatic was the best character he played. It worked, was only moderately insulting, and he was over. So there you go.

Should Impact Wrestling strip Tessa Blanchard of the Impact World Championship title?

I have no idea what the status of Blanchard currently is with Impact Wrestling right now. She’s still the Impact Wrestling World Champion but hasn’t attended or been part of the Impact tapings since this whole COVID-19 pandemic began. If there is a plan in place to put emphasis on Tessa and her title reign, then go and do it and get her back in the ring at TNA. If she’s not willing or able, then strip her of the title, move on to the next storyline and let Blanchard be a statistic and piece of the past.

12 Man Elimination Tag Team Match: The Anderson Brothers (Ole & Gene), The Midnight Express (Bobby & Stan) & FTR versus The Hart Foundation, Demolition & The Young Bucks. Who wins?

Talk about a cluster-fuck of chaos and confusion. Twelve wrestlers in the ring and then throw the managers such as Jim Cornette, Jimmy Hart, and Mr. Fugi into the mix and let the insanity begin. Let’s take the Bucks out of the match for being hot-shot punks and Ole & Gene out for being too good for this insanity. I can’t see the Hart Foundation winning or the Express either. Let’s say that it comes down to Demolition and the team formerly known as The Revival, now known as FTR. Shatter-Machine on Smash and FTR stands for “Fuckin’ Tradition Rules!”. FTR wins.

Thoughts on Rob Gronkowski’s run in the WWE as compared to Steve “Mongo” McMichael’s run with WCW?

Gronk showed up, worked a shot as the “Host of Wrestlemania”, won the 24/7 Championship, and vanished, never to be seen again until he dropped the strap to R-Truth. Mongo worked as an announcer, became a Horseman, won and lost the United States Championship, and stayed with the Horsemen until the end. Gronk was, it seems, the better athlete and probably more of a character with a big future in wrestling if he decided to stick around, but Mongo was the more dedicated to wrestling and gave it 150% from Day 1. Mongo sucked in the ring, but he was a great fit for the Horsemen. Gronk wasn’t there long enough to allow us to realize what he was capable of or could have been.

Let’s say HHH never gets together with Stephanie, where do you think he’d be at now?

Hunter is ambitious and has a good mind for the sport so even if he hadn’t married Stephanie, I think he would still have a position in WWE management and be part of Vince’s team. He wouldn’t be as high up in the company as he eventually became, but he would be in the Hayes, Patterson, & Bruce Pritchard level of influence with Vince and the company instead.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, drop me a line in the comment section, at my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or on Twitter at @Doug28352@yahoo.com. And with that, I’m out of here. Have a great day and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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