Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Renee Young, Michael Elgin, Brock at Mania & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Renee Young, Michael Elgin, Brock at Mania & More
June 28, 2020

Why am I up this early on a Sunday morning? Oh yeah, pain and swollen legs. It’s a bitch, but since I’m up, I may as well be productive. How about a quick edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A for a warm-up and maybe a Rapid Fire edition of “Days of Dougie” afterward? That sounds like a plan. Or I could just go back to bed? Nah, I’ll go with the first idea. So Wrestling Q&A it is. Let’s do this…

Allegedly, Renee Young now has heat with WWE management since going public with testing positive for COVID-19. Thoughts?

Renee really didn’t have much of a choice given that her husband, Jon Moxley, had to be pulled off of AEW programming due to his proximity to her, and that made news and got people asking questions. She did the smartest thing and just addressed the situation head-on and straight up. WWE wants to keep it all on the hush-hush, but it wasn’t possible in this situation. They should just keep checking on Renee, hope for a speedy recovery, and just be happy that she seems to be getting better. Any kind of heat on the former WWE Backstage host just looks petty and unprofessional.

Top 5 wrestling CHARACTERS of all time (not named Undertaker)?

Off the top of my head, I would go with Mr. McMahon, Razor Ramon, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Abdullah the Butcher, and Hulk Hogan.

Thoughts on Impact Wrestling releasing Michael Elgin?

Elgin came in with a lot of heat to Impact as rumors and allegations followed him into the promotion when he signed in 2018, but nothing came of it and he had a pretty good run with some moderate success. New allegations of sexual assault have surfaced due to the Speaking Out movement. Impact Wrestling suspended him at first and then later announced that they were terminating his contract. It’s a shame, but if the allegations are true, he doesn’t deserve a top spot or any spot in pro wrestling. Impact Wrestling made the decision, one I’m sure was not taken lightly, and he’s gone. Good riddance. He’s a hell of a performer and talent, but he was becoming a distraction and it didn’t look good for Impact to keep him on so they didn’t.

Charlotte Flair has had every women’s title in WWE, except for the women’s tag titles. If she decides to add the tag titles to her resume, who should be her tag team partner?

I know how WWE loves to put two wrestlers who are bitter foes together and give them tag team gold. It’s a story-line that has been used thousands of times over the past century and I’m sure that if WWE was to put Charlotte as part of a team, that would be the way to go. So unless they’re bringing Tessa Blanchard in to team with Charlotte as they build a competitive rivalry (unlikely), I’d go with Asuka as Charlotte’s tag team partner in crime. They have the mutual respect thing already going on and it would interesting to see them as a team.

Who do you think Brock Lesnar should face at Wrestlemania? Matt Riddle in a “Fight Pit Match”, Keith Lee, or Drew McIntyre in a thirty-minute Iron Man Match?

I don’t want to see Brock versus Drew again so that leaves either Riddle or Lee. A Brock versus Lee match is intriguing but given their backgrounds and history, not to mention how much I actually enjoyed the Riddle versus Timothy Thatcher “Fight Pit Match” on NXT a few weeks ago, I think that would be the way to go. Brock versus Matt Riddle in the Fight Pit Match. Book it, Vince.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions that you’d like to see answered, drop me a line here at the site in the comment box, at my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or on Twitter at @Doug28352. And now, it’s time to move on and do some other stuff. I need a Dew. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe in this mad, mad, mad, crazy-ass world. I’ll see you at the matches.



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