Tossing Salt Review: Creek Water Whiskey…

Tossing Salt Review
Creek Water Whiskey
July 17, 2020

I’m back with a brand new product review of something that I’ve been eagerly anticipating, Creek Water Whiskey. It’s the inspiration and creation of the singer Yelawolf and manufactured and bottled just a couple of hours from here in Durham, NC, by Next Century Spirits. We’ve been selling this at the local ABC store for two months now and so far, the sales have been excellent. I tried it when it first came in, buying a bottle for myself and my brother and meant to do this review then. Better late than never, right?

So where to begin? This stuff is strong. You definitely know you’re drinking whiskey, but then again, it’s 100 proof, so what else would you expect, right? The first shot always seems to take my breath away and I’ve learned to quickly follow with a shot of Pepsi or Bud Light. It’s a rough way to start, but it does get better. Much better.

The second and third shots allow you to experience the flavor and taste, a bit woody, but a slight bit of cinnamon and a smooth taste that just rolls down the throat. I’m not a whiskey expert, but this is something I like and would recommend to anyone who wants something stronger, different, and just damn good.

At roughly $24 for a fifth, it’s not too expensive either. A good price that’s comparable to Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey. That’s what it originally reminded me of the first time I tasted it, Wild Turkey 101, bringing back memories of when I was much younger (a teenager) and used to sneak into my step-dads liquor supply. Good memories and some good times and this brings them back full force.

The bottom line here is that this is good stuff. As I said, the first shot might take your breath away, but afterward, it’s a good flavor and taste and just pure enjoyment in a bottle.

For more information, go to and check it out. They also have a Cinnamon flavored Creek Water that is only 70 proof that I hope to check out and try at some point. But for now, we just have the straight-up real deal, the original Creek Water Whiskey and it’s good.
Very good. And now you know.

And with that, I’m out of here. Thanks for reading and be sure to give the Creek Water a try and let me know what you think. Comments can be made in the section below or come talk to me at my e-mail I’m also on Twitter at @Doug28352. Any questions or suggestions of what else you’d like to hear a review of, just give me a shout. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I’ll see you on the flip side.


P.S. As a bonus, here’s the man himself with a song, one of my favorites, “Shadows”, featuring Joshua Hedley. Also, the song “Creek Water”, for which this excellent product is named, follows as well. You’re welcome.




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