Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Big Show, Nation Of Domination, Roman Reigns & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Big Show, Nation Of Domination, Roman Reigns & More
July 26, 2020

What? Another edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A? Why not? TV is boring and I don’t watch or care for the overly-political crap that’s dominating sports these days so I’ll go with what matters most to me. Let’s talk ‘rasslin. Let’s do this…

Big Show recently commented that he’d rather have his head crushed by a car than become a Producer for WWE. Thoughts?

He’s just saying what he feels. After his in-ring career ends, I think Show just wants to remain a part of the WWE and pro wrestling but wants to do something he likes. Maybe a trainer. Maybe a scout? Being an agent or producer isn’t for everyone and a person should play to their skills rather than what doesn’t appeal to them. Show just seems to be doing just that.

Are you glad Sammy Guevera is back in AEW?

Absolutely. Guevera adds energy and excitement to the AEW product and he’s fun to watch, as well as being good in that ring. AEW with Sammy is definitely for the better.

Hulk Hogan versus Mil Mascaras. Who wins?

Hogan may be an ego-maniac, but he has nothing on the ego that is Mil Mascaras. If it goes into shoot mode, Hogan would win and Mascaras would flee the scene and get counted out. Mil won’t get pinned, but the ending result would be a notch in the belt of Hulkamania. Brother!

What were your thoughts on Adam Cole’s outburst on a recent episode of the Pat McAfee show?

I didn’t see the clip, but I have heard about this. I guess Cole got pissed at something McAfee said and didn’t handle it well. Others, like Mark Henry and Booker T, say it’s the real deal and not a work, so I’ll go with them. They would know better than I do. I expect that they’ll try to make it into an angle and save face, but for now, let’s assume it’s real.

Do you believe that Heath Slater and Anderson/Gallows will help Impact Wrestling?

Hell, I’m wanting to watch them now and from what I’ve seen, so are a lot of other people. Heath, Gallows, Anderson, EC3, and Eric Young all have their fans and now, maybe we’ll get to see them be used properly and have some TV time and moments. I think this helps Impact get new viewers so yes, it would be a help.

Should WWE bring back the Nation of Domination stable?

That what it seems that they’re trying to do with MVP, Lashley and the back and forth stuff with Apollo and Shelton Benjamin, but right now, in a time where BLM is dominating the headlines and the country is on the verge of a civil war, bringing back the concept of a terrorist-faction that specializes in racism and is so close to reality, that’s probably not a good idea.

How much does the WWE miss Roman Reigns right now?

I’m sure they miss him a lot. I don’t miss him all that much myself, but I do want to know, where is Bo? Bring back Bo Dallas!

What are your thoughts on the whole AJ Styles/Gallows/Anderson debacle with Paul Heyman?

I think that AJ and the Good Brothers are pissed and using Paul as their scapegoat. Heyman is a liar and that’s the gospel, but the bottom line in WWE is that every hiring and every firing is the decision of one person and one person only. That person is Vince McMahon. Heyman may very well have said some things and whispered in Vince’s ears about Gallows and Anderson, but he’s just one voice among many in WWE. The decision was Vince’s and if The OC should be mad at anyone, he’s the one to go after. Not Heyman.

Where do you place Chris Jericho on your all-time list?

I’m not sure. He’s a master of reinvention and almost always entertaining as a character. His matches are decent, but I can’t think of any that stand out as exceptional. He’s not in my Top 5 or even my Top 10, but I think he’s probably secure in my Top 20 of all time. Hell, he deserves that just for “the list”.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, questions, and any other thoughts about the world’s greatest sport, or anything for that matter, drop me a line and let’s chat. Use the comment box below, my e-mail at Doug28352@yahoo.com, or find me on Twitter at @Doug28352. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe in this mad and crazy world. I’ll see you at the matches.



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