Questions By Casper XXIII…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Questions By Casper XXIII
July 31, 2020

One of the more interesting people that I follow on Twitter is a man named Tyler (The Ghost) Casper. (@tyler_casper) Check him out and give the man some love and a follow. Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah, he asks a lot of questions. And the regular readers of this site know how I am about questions, right? So I went down his Twitter feed and copied several of the most recently asked questions. And now, for your reading pleasure, it’s time to provide a few answers. So are you ready? Let’s do this…

What is your favorite homemade cookie?

I love to bake cookies. It’s fun and not too complicated, albeit a little messy sometimes, especially when you have a damn cat that wants to help. Yes, I’m talking about you, Mouth! But the easiest is peanut butter cookies. I’ve baked those, sugar cookies, chocolate chips, and many others. And all are good. I have no favorite.

Have you ever made your clothes?

I did make a denim work apron one time for Home Ec. class. And a bunch of throw pillows. But in regards to making my wardrobe, that would be a no.

Do you cut your hair?

I have in the past, but I wasn’t very good at it. Now, I go see Gene or if he’s not available, then Jennifer at Clips Haircuts for Men. She does some amazing work and she’s ‘tres cool as well.

Do you buy ice cubes or make your own?

I have a machine that does that. I would do my own, but I keep forgetting the recipe.

Are you a good Checkers player?

I’m okay. I can say “king me” in four languages.

Are you a good chess player?

Now we’re getting a little more complicated. Chess is a game I’ve never learned to play although my sister has offered to teach me a few times. Unless it’s Wizard’s Chess, as seen in the Harry Potter movies, I’m not interested.

Who is your favorite Munster’s character?

It has to be Grandpa Munster. Who doesn’t like Grandpa?

Who is your favorite Addam’s family character?

A tough choice since all of the family is pretty neat, but I think Cousin Itt would be my favorite of the entire group.

Do you have a creative outlet?

You’re reading it right now. This site,, and the occasional sarcastic comments on Facebook and Twitter are what keeps me relatively sane.

What are your feelings about hospitals?

They’re big buildings where sick people go.

Do you try to take a nap every day?

Absolutely. A nap is a wonderful thing.

What is the most boring lecture you’ve ever attended been about?

I’m not sure, but most likely it was a store meeting at one of my previous jobs where the boss would go on and on telling us about stuff that didn’t matter or didn’t affect us, laying out stats and meaningless info that just went on and on and on.

When was the last time you were politically correct?

Well, I wear that damn mask at work and when I go to the Doctor’s office so I guess that might count, but so far as my opinions, thoughts and 98% of my behavior go, I don’t do “politically correct”. I do common sense and right.

Do you prefer hot or cold coffee?

I’ll pass on both and have a Diet Dew or a Pepsi, please.

What is the longest you’ve ever gone without coffee?

I think I’m currently going on about 23 or 24 years right now. I don’t do coffee. It smells great, but that is some nasty stuff.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, please feel free and drop me a line. I can be reached via the comment box below, at my e-mail of, or on Twitter at @Doug28352. Until the next time, stay safe and be careful with all the crazies out there. I love ya and I’ll see you on the flip side.



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