Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: AEW Dynamite, The Heavenly Bodies, Cameron & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
AEW Dynamite, The Heavenly Bodies, Cameron & More
July 31, 2020

Happy Birthday to my original “Lil’ Brother” Greg Clamp. I love ya, bro! It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? Let’s do this…

There are rumors that AEW is considering adding a third hour to Dynamite. Should they?

I know it’s tempting, especially when there are so many talented names on the roster who don’t get airtime or used as they should, but I would say that unless there is no other option, do not do the third hour. It’s too much for one time as WWE has found out with RAW and Eric Bischoff learned with Nitro all those years ago. If a second show could be created for a different night, that would work better in my opinion for AEW. Two hours is the ideal length for a wrestling program. Three hours is too much. Just don’t do dat!

Thoughts on Jim Cornette’s Heavenly Bodies (Jimmy Del Ray & Dr. Tom Prichard)?

A fantastic team that was the backbone of Smokey Mountain Wrestling, Del Ray & Prichard were damn good. Cornette couldn’t have the Midnight Express in Smokey Mountain because of Bobby Eaton preferring to stay in WCW and Stan Lane moving to a career as an announcer so he put a new team together with Dr. Tom and Del Ray. And the rest was history. An excellent team that wasn’t together nearly as long as they should have been, but definitely made their mark in the world of pro wrestling.

Were you a fan of The Iron Sheik?

Sheik, in his earlier days, was quite the athlete, and even though he was a vile heel, he was fun to watch and I always respected and looked forward to his weekly antics. As of the past few years, I’m still a fan, but am sadder at how he is represented and lives than anything else.

Best Wrestler With No Mic Skills.

The names that immediately come to mind for this are Bob Backlund, Bret Hart (to a point), Rick Steamboat & Jimmy Snuka. All were great in that ring at what they did, but when they cut that promo and talked, *sighs*…

Who do you consider the best Native American wrestler?

Names that come to mind are Jay Youngblood, Michael Youngblood (My bro), Tatanka, Allen Iron Eagle, Red Thunder, and Wahoo McDaniel. But the best would be Jack Brisco. He wasn’t exciting or charismatic, but he was definitely one of the best in-ring performers of all time.

Would you be interested in a Vince McMahon movie?

That would be very interesting to see. I’d probably prefer an unauthorized biography, Kitty Kelly style (look her up) since a movie only has so much time and would leave a lot out, but book or movie, Vince would be a fascinating topic to learn more about.

Why would AEW bring in Cameron when there are so many women who are great on the independents as opposed to an older name?

I have no idea on this one. I didn’t even know she was still in the business. Hell, even Eva Marie would make more sense. But I guess she’s friends with someone in the company, Brandi perhaps? I don’t know why she’s there.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, please feel free and drop me a line. I can be reached via the comment box below, at my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or on Twitter at @Doug28352. I hope to hear from you. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care of yourself and stay safe in this wild and crazy world of ours. I’ll see you at the matches.


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