Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Best, NXT, Who Replaces Vince & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Best, NXT, Who Replaces Vince, & More
September 4, 2020

Time is short and so will be this column. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this…

From the time you started watching wrestling to the present. In your opinion Name the best World Champion, Tag Team Champion, and the US/Intercontinental Champion?

I started watching wrestling way back in 1972 when I was six years old so that’s a lot of ground to cover, but I’ll do this and answer off the top of my head. Best World Champion would have to go to Ric Flair. There’s a reason that the NWA/WCW kept going back to Flair time and time again and that’s because he was “the man”. Tag Team Champions is a little harder since my first pick would be Ole & Gene, the Anderson Brothers, but then I started thinking about The Midnight Express, Tully & Arn, Paul Jones & Masked Superstar (who were a fantastic team), The Road Warriors, The Hart Foundation, and so many others. I think I’ll go with Edge & Christian on this one. So far as U.S. and Intercontinental Champion, my pick for United States Champion would be Jimmy Snuka. He’s the first name that came to mind when I think about the U.S. title and his reign in the Mid-Atlantic, with Gene Anderson as his manager, was epic. As for Intercontinental Champion, let’s go with Cody Rhodes. He helped make the belt mean something again, for a while anyhow and did a great job with that title. So those are my pick, subject to change of course.

“I thought Double or Nothing kicked the crap out of WrestleMania. I thought it was a much better pay-per-view.” Is Tony Khan right?

Tony Khan may think that, but even with the restrictions in place and the other craziness that was going on, Mania is still the biggest show in wrestling each year for a reason. Double or Nothing was a great show, but better than Mania? I don’t think so.

Should WWE move NXT to a different night of the week besides Wednesday?

Where would they move it to? RAW is on Monday, Impact is on Tuesday, AEW on Wednesday, and Smackdown is on Friday. That leaves Thursday and the weekend and the weekend is for pay-per-views. So Tuesday or Thursday would be their main choices if they did move it and neither are known as big TV nights. Best to leave it where it is and just make it must-see TV. Based on the recent ratings, I think AEW would do well with a Saturday spot on TNT, but NXT should leave things as they are.

Who will take over WWE once Vince is gone? Will it be Shane McMahon or Stephanie McMahon or HHH?

It won’t be Shane since his role in the company is and has always been limited. Steph seems to prefer working public relations and while she will always be a major influence and factor in WWE, I can’t see her taking the job as the top person. HHH is being groomed and I think, at least so far as the creative aspect of the company goes, he’s the most likely to take control in that department. But for the business side of things, I think the duties will be split up among many corporate executives and thus, no one will ever be able to totally take Vince’s place. When he’s gone, the role of sole master of the domain will be over.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to see answered, drop a message in the comment box, contact me here through the site by clicking the “Doug28352” button, use my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or find me on Twitter at @Doug28352. And with that, I’m out of here. Work beckons. Have a great day and take care of yourself. Don’t forget to support your local Independent Wrestling and wrestlers. And I’ll see you at the matches.


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