A Day Of Dougie: 9/11, Face Masks & Going To The Doctor…

Tossing Salt Presents:
A Day of Dougie
9/11, Face Masks & Going To The Doctor
September 11, 2020

Welcome to Friday morning and it looks like today will be an epic Day of Dougie. I have a doctor’s appointment this morning and have about twenty-five minutes to go before I have to leave and I decided that why not be semi-productive for the almost half hour. So here we are. So what can I talk about? Well, today is the Anniversary of the vilest and most disgusting attack on American soil when the World Trade Center Twin Towers were brought down so I’ll get to that. And a few other random things. Does that sound like a plan or what?

An acquaintance of mine posted on his Facebook page a few days ago that if anyone posts a picture of themselves wearing a face mask, they can “blow me!”. And this was just a few hours after I posted a picture of myself wearing my new face mask with the picture of Dracula (the original, Bela Lugosi) on it. I wonder, was he talking about me? Was he making a subliminal suggestion that he’d like to get together and get what the kids refer to as a “bro-job”? Nah, I think he was just trying to be funny and continue, as he’s been doing, his rants and dislike of the whole face-mask thing. But still, it’s an interesting idea and what the hell, I’m game. He’s a cool dude, nice looking with a fantastic body. Hey Matt, give me a call. I’ll rock your world.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Black Lives Matter shirts and face masks coming into the work-place as of late. And a lot of Trump stuff too. And yet, everyone is getting along and behaving themselves, at least while in our store. Do you see that, Dems? We can all disagree and still get along. We’re not like those idiots in Chicago, St. Louis, Seattle, etc. That’s why Laurinburg, despite its flaws and faults, is so awesome. At least while everyone is in the liquor store. Now if we could only get everyone to put the cell phones away and start pulling their pants up. Oy vey!

And now, the big thing. Where were you when the Twin Towers tumbled to the ground and the world stopped turning on September 11, 2001? I remember it very well. I was driving up to Laurel Hill to take a friend of mine, Kever, home. He had stayed the night before at my trailer out in Pea Bridge Rd., and I had to run him home before I had to get ready for work. And I took him home, said good-bye, and came home and turned the radio on. I listened to talk radio most of the time and the news was just breaking. I just stood there and listened and my heart broke. I was in shock and dismay and didn’t know what to think or say. I just sat down, in a daze, wishing I had a TV (I did, but no cable so we just used it for the VCR), and listened as the world changed forever. And there you go.

And that’s all for me today. I have to go to the Doctor’s office now. I’ll be back in about an hour or maybe tonight. We’ll see. Have a great one and take care of yourself. I’ll see you on the flip side.


A/N: I went to the doctor. I found out I’m fat, need to eat & drink better and exercise more, but aside from that, I’m good to go for another three months until the next visit. Yay for that! Film at 11:00. And now, time to get ready for work. Once again, Oy vey!

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