5 Questions: Top Ten Singers, Death of Hollywood & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions
Top Ten Singers, Death of Hollywood, and More
October 4, 2020

Facebook (and life) are full of questions. My friend, Cheese, decided to ask me five of them. And now, let us see if I can come up with a few answers. Let’s do this.

Who would be on your Top Ten of musical artists?

My “Big Six” are and always have been Alice Cooper, Waylon Jennings, Sublime, Rickie Lee Jones, Soce the Elemental Wizard, and Frank Sinatra. So that leaves four spots left to be filled and with me, the names would change every single day. So my other four, to fill out the Top Ten would be, for now anyhow, Struggle Jennings, Steve Grand, Aerosmith, and Dr. Hook.

Which alcohol made you say I’ll never drink that again?

Mad Dog 20/20 tried to kill me, but I survived and went on to face that nasty brew again on many occasions. But there was one thing, El Toro tequila, that shit whooped my ass when I was sweet seventeen and it stomped a mudhole in me so badly, I swore never again. That was thirty-seven years ago and I haven’t touched that deplorable shit since.

Which one killed Hollywood? The Coronavirus or Liberalism?

Definitely the over-the-top extreme move to the left. I see entertainers that I used to like and enjoy and they just talk pure stupidity and insanity. Where has common sense wandered off too? Shut up and act and leave the social media alone, you duckin’ morons. Hollywood is dead! Rest in peace!

What do they call French kissing in France?

Just kissing I would guess.

The Simpsons, Family Guy, or South Park?

The Simpsons suck more often than not. South Park can be hit or miss, but mostly hit. Family Guy is also hit or miss, but so long as they have Stewie and Hubert, they will always be the most awesome of the three.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions for future editions of “Five Questions”, give me a response, and let’s talk. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay away from the crazies. I’ll see you on the flip side.


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