Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: John E. Bravo, Paul Orndorff & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
John E. Bravo, Paul Orndorff & More
October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween! Welcome to my nightmare. Not really. It’s actually the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this…

Bruiser Brodie versus New Jack in a Best of Three. Who wins?

New Jack is a crazy dude and a legit bad-ass. I have to say that or else he’ll probably cut me. But in a wrestling ring, he’s not all that in my opinion. Brodie was the real deal and a true wrestling machine. Brodie wins in two straight falls.

Should AEW pursue Brock Lesnar?

Brock is a legit bad-ass as well and adds a lot to any roster he’s a part of, but AEW doesn’t need Brock and he’s not worth the money to them that it would take to get him. Let WWE and Vince deal with “The Beast”. AEW has no reason to go after the currently a free agent, Lesnar, nor should they even bother.

Thoughts on the John E. Bravo wedding to Rosemary on Impact Wrestling?

I saw the video clip on YouTube and my immediate reaction, aside from how great it is to see The Sinister Minister, James Mitchell back on TV, was what the hell is going on? I haven’t been following the storyline, but this whole thing was captivating and hard to turn away from, and not in a bad way either. I’ll be going back and playing catch-up with all things John E. Bravo & Rosemary related later this weekend. It was entertaining, more than a bit twisted, and has totally captured my attention, leaving me wanting to see more.

Where do you think WWE is going with the Roman Reigns / Usos storyline?

It’s pretty simple actually. If all goes to plan, we get Roman versus The Rock at Wrestlemania. And that would be fantastic.

Who is the real GOAT of the Attitude Era? Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock?

This is a tough question because both were so good in their roles and were both major parts of the entire attitude era. No offense to the Rock because he is truly the most electrifying man in sports-entertainment, but it was Austin who kicked off the Attitude Era and without Stone Cold versus Vince, none of the rest would have been allowed to happen. Austin gets my vote.

What is the best heel turn in wrestling history?

Either Ole Anderson’s turning on Dusty Rhodes (over two years in the making) or when Hogan joined the nWo. Different eras and different methods of going to the dark side for both men, but equally, in my mind, as important and memorable.

Today (Thursday) is the 71rst birthday of Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. What is your most memorable or favorite Paul Orndorff moment?

I’m not a big Paul Orndorff fan, to be honest, but he is a legendary performer and talented star of days gone by. The spots for Paul that I remember best were he and Sunka winning the NWA World Tag Team Titles back in the late ’70s, introducing the world to two future legends. Also, the Hulk Hogan birthday bash on RAW when Brock Lesnar crashed the party. I remember Brock getting in Paul’s face and Paul was just smirking. And then when Brock called Hogan “old man”, Orndorff nearly lost it laughing. He covered it up, but it was obvious that he was amused. Paul had many memorable matches and moments in the ring, but those two times are what comes to mind for me.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions about wrestling or anything else, feel free to comment using the comment box below, my e-mail address of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or come find me on Twitter at @Doug28352. Until the next time, take care of yourself, stay away from the crazies, and I’ll see you at the matches. Have a Happy Halloween.


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