Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Sweet Brown Sugar, Bo Dallas, Woman & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Sweet Brown Sugar, Bo Dallas, Woman & More
November 9, 2020

I have to leave in twenty-two minutes t go to work and help unload a truck full of liquor. It’s a big-ass truck so time is definitely not on my side this morning. Can I squeeze in a quick edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A? Let’s find out, shall we. Let’s do this.

Do you remember a masked man named Sweet Brown Sugar? Thoughts?

Sweet Brown Sugar was a man named Skip Young. A talented guy who used a lot of ariel moves and wrestled predominately in the World Class region and USWA, although he did work some in Crockett, albeit not under the mask. He was solid in the ring, decent on the mic, and a good mid-card worker.

If the Rock isn’t available, who would you like to see face Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania?

CM Punk is the most obvious answer but keeping in with the whole Tribal Cheif story if the Rock can’t be there, how about another Samoan performer with a reputation for being a bad-ass, Samoa Joe?

Should WWE induct Woman (Nancy Benoit) into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Based on her career in Florida, the NWA, WCW, and ECW, she is absolutely most deserving of a spot, but if the WWE was to induct her, it would stir up the whole Benoit murder/suicide crap again and no one wants to have to relive that. I would say induct her, but do it under the radar as part of the Legacy inductees. Nancy Benoit, aka Woman, was definitely a legend in her own right and that would be a way to get her in without stirring up too many bad memories.

Keith Lee versus King Kong Angelo Mosca. Who wins?

Keith Lee is a great performer and so multi-talented, but my money would always be on Big Nasty, King Kong Angelo Mosca.

How would you repackage Bo Dallas for a return to WWE television?

I would use the Alexi Bliss routine and repackage the former Bo-Leiver into a disciple of Bray Wyatt, aka The Fiend. He could be Bray’s partner-in-crime and maybe even have a mini-cult following of his own. Or just stick him in a tag team with Chad Gable and they could be a WWE version of the Young Bucks or a new Team Angle.

Do you think Paige will end up quitting or getting released from the WWE over the new third-party/Twitch policy?

I can’t see this whole Twitch/third-party marketing thing ending up well for WWE, especially when Andrew Yang if he’s given a Cabinet post by Biden as expected, get into a position of power. The whole “independent contractors” thing won’t hold water. As for Paige, I don’t think WWE would release her, but I can see her being sent home and buried.

What wrestlers do you think would make good subjects for documentaries?

Ivory, based on her career from GLOW to WWE and everything in between. Kevin Sullivan would be fascinating to learn more about. Eric Bischoff, from AWA to WCW to WWE to TNA to WWE again and now (occasionally) AEW, plus the podcast, the business ventures, the rise and fall from power, etc. That would make for some great subject matter.

What wrestlers would, in your opinion, make good politicians?

Eric Bischoff would, as would Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Jim Ross probably would be good at politics and what the hell, how about Kurt Angle?

Thoughts on Tokyo Magnum?

I’ve only seen him in a few matches on YouTube and of course in WCW where he played the sidekick/lackey for Disco Inferno and Alex Wright. But from what I’ve seen and remember, he was pretty damn good in the ring and a fun character.

And there you go. I need to go brush my teeth and get out of here to go to work. I’ll see you guys later on. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, drop me a line in the comment box or at my link at the site and we’ll talk. Stay safe and I’ll see you at the matches.


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