Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Shaq in AEW, The Undertaker, Sean Oliver & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Shaq In AEW, The Undertaker, Sean Oliver & More
November 15, 2020

Are you ready? It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

The Rascalz have left Impact Wrestling and are reportedly heading to WWE. Thoughts?

I’m sure that they’ll make more money by going to WWE, but I also hope that they talked to Eric Young, The Good Brothers, Heath, etc, about what to expect when they get there. The Rascalz are good wrestlers and a good team, but I’m afraid that while they may get a push in NXT, it won’t be so great with the main roster. I don’t see the larger than life characters or personas there, and once they get the WWE repackaging treatment, I don’t get a good feeling about their chances. I hope I’m wrong, but my gut says that this move may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

I heard that the WWE is interested in bringing back No Way Jose. Thoughts?

Why? So many people on the roster right now who are sitting at home and being wasted and they want to bring back a character who wasn’t over, never had any kind of push, and is considered a comedy act? I don’t get it. Nothing against Jose, but with guys like Ryder or Joe Hennig out there looking for work, he’s not the one I’d chose to bring back.

Shaq versus Cody? Are you excited about this potential match?

Shaq is not a wrestler, not even relevant as a television or movie personality goes, and is old. I’d rather watch the best of Mongo McMichael than see what I think will be a car-wreck and disaster of a storyline. What is AEW and Tony Khan thinking? Maybe Cody can salvage this potential mess and make it entertaining, but I have a feeling it’s a bomb waiting to happen. Oy vey!

Are you glad to see PAC back in AEW?

I liked PAC as Neville in WWE and I’m glad to see him back on TV in AEW. He’s good in the ring and can cut one hell of a promo. Having him around is definitely a good thing.

Thoughts on Vince Russo. Did he kill WCW?

Russo gets the blame and he’s partly at fault, but did he kill the company? That company was already on life-support when Russo came aboard due to the lack of control over talent, the financial mismanagement, and while his hot-shot booking and love of worked shoot angles didn’t help, I don’t think anyone could have saved WCW at that point. Russo is a creative guy and with the proper supervision and guidance, can bring a lot to the table, but under his auspices, with no one to act as a censor and say No, he’s too out there sometimes for mainstream professional wrestling. So he contributed to the death, but the person who killed WCW was Jamie Kellner, who pulled the TV, aka unplugged the life support from the company. Russo was a contributing factor, as were Eric Bischoff, big contracts, Hulk Hogan, backstage politics, etc. But Time Warner and Kellner are the ones who ultimately pulled the plug and killed the company.

Do you think that the Undertaker’s “Final Farewell” coming up at Survivor Series is truly his final farewell with the WWE and professional wrestling?

It’s professional wrestling so never say never. I know that he and WWE both say that the “Last Ride” is finally over, but a little voice inside my head keeps saying “One more match”. I think it’s an angle to set up that “one last match”.

WWE is bringing back Tribute To The Troops in December. Thoughts?

The men and women of our Armed Services are incredible people who deserve every tribute and homage we can give them and if a show like Tribute To The Troops makes their lives the slightest bit better, I’m all for it.

Who would you like to see Steve Austin interview on his podcast?

How about Steve Austin interview Jamie Dundee? That would be interesting to hear. I’d also like to see Steve talk to Sting, Bobby Eaton, Wendi Richter, Madusa, Larry Zbyszko, and the legendary Baron Von Raschke.

Who would you like to see Sean Oliver do a shoot-interview with?

Sean Oliver is the host and creator of Kayfabe Commentaries and is one of, if not the best, shoot interviewers of all time. He’s got a great interview style and there aren’t too many people he hasn’t interviewed yet. How about Bob Backlund, The Mulkey Brothers, Jim Mitchell aka The Sinister Minister from ECW, and given the events of the past year or so, Joey Ryan or Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to ask, about wrestling or anything really, feel free to use the comment box and drop me a line. Or e-mail me at Doug28352@yahoo.com. Until the next time, stay safe, and don’t forget to keep supporting your local Independent wrestling companies and wrestlers. I’ll see you at the matches.


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