12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas (Day 10) – Different, Bad Habits & Turkey vs Ham…

Tossing Salt Presents:
12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas – Day 10
Different, Bad Habits & Turkey versus Ham
December 19, 2020

Are we already on Day 10? Time is flying by so quickly, but since this is 2020, I have no objections or complaints. Let’s get this crazy year over with. It’s the middle of the afternoon and I’ve been procrastinating on working on this all day. I’ve written a couple of things, a wrestling Q&A and a Dear Dougie column, but no D.O.D. as of yet. The mood is about to change. Should I jump right into it or talk about my night last night first? I’ll just do the Magic Bag thing first and then take it from there. So the topics for today are Different, Bad Habits, and Turkey versus Ham. So are you ready to rumble? Let’s do this.

Guess what? It’s now Sunday morning and I am officially a day behind. I knew it was too good to last. But in my defense, I did things like Wal-Mart, picking up a prescription or two, the comic book shop, chillaxin’ with my ever-so-adorable bro-son, and finally watching a couple of movies last night on Tubi while indulging in a couple of shots of liquor and eating Summer Sausage on Ritz crackers. So I was busy doing things, but just not writing. And now, it’s morning and I’m awake and I’m ready to write. So I already said this, but I’ll repeat for emphasis. Let’s do this.


Different is being not the same, being unique and marching to the beat of your own drummer. We all have something about us that is unique, special, and that sets us apart from everyone else. Maybe it’s physical or maybe it’s a personality trait or a hobby. But it’s a good thing, lots of good things hopefully. Sometimes, it’s not a good thing, but we’ll focus on the positive here today. And how to focus on the positive, you ask? With a Top Ten List. Nah, change that to a Top 5 list because it’s early in the morning and I’m on a time-frame. Nah, change that to a Top 1 list because the thought of coming up with ten or even five things that make me different from everyone else is kind of overwhelming at the moment. So here you go.

1 Reason That I’m Different From Everyone Else You Know…

1) Because I’m Dougie and (with all apologies to Kid Rock), you ain’t never met a mother-fucker quite like me.

And there you go. Let’s move on to the next topic of discussion.

Bad Habits…

We all have them even if we don’t actually realize it or may not consider them as bad habits. And yes, even I, as perfect and angelic as I am, have one or two less than stellar habits. I won’t even go through the pretense of making a Top whatever list since I did that schtick in the last paragraph, but I will take a moment, reflect on myself, and list what I consider to be the bad habits that I need to work on to make myself a better person. Here goes.

Start returning phone calls and messages promptly. Quit pushing people away. Quit thinking with the small head and start using the big one instead. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Quit procrastinating quite so often. Take better care of myself.

And I think that covers most of the bigger character flaws for me, myself, and I. I have issues folks and I tend to draw into myself and push people away, especially the people I should be the most receptive to and are actually the good guys. I’ll try to work on that. It can be a New Year Resolution. Let’s get to the last topic now and wrap this up.

Turkey versus Ham…

That’s the big question for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for most people. Do you want to cook a turkey or do you want to fix a ham? It’s not Thanksgiving without a turkey so that one is a no-brainer. I always fix some ham too because I like it, but the main piece of meat is going to be a turkey for what we so lovingly call “Turkey Day”. And that means ham gets the nod for Christmas, at least in this house. I have a spiral ham waiting in the freezer to be thawed and cooked, most likely on the night of Christmas Eve. But there is a problem. Ham tends to increase blood pressure and make everyone’s feet swell up if they eat too much, which you know we all will. My feet are already messed up, as is my blood pressure, so I don’t need to be adding to that. And personally, I like turkey better. I guess that means I have to go to the grocery store within the next day or so and get a turkey. Ham or turkey? Why choose. I want to have both.

And there you go. Day 10 is down and Day 11 will be later on today. My thanks for reading and allowing me to do these things. You’re awesome Peeps. Comments, questions, and any other thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care, be safe, and I’ll see you later. Merry Christmas. I love ya!


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