WWE NXT Takeover: Stand And Deliver – Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
WWE NXT Takeover: Stand And Deliver
Thoughts & Predictions
April 6, 2021

WWE will present NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver on the USA Network and Peacock (in the United States) this Wednesday and Thursday. That means it’s prediction time. Let’s do this.

Night One:

NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai vs. Raquel Gonzalez

While Io has been a great champion for the NXT Women’s Division, it’s been a while and it’s time to switch things up and install some new blood at the top of the food chain. Raquel has grown so much over the past year and has developed into a top star just waiting to have her shot with the brass ring. I say title change here.

Winner and NEW NXT Women’s Champion: Raquel Gonzalez

NXT UK Champion WALTER vs. Tommaso Ciampa.

The man spells his name in all capital letters. If that’s not bad-ass, I don’t know what is. Ciampa is a great talent and it will be one hell of a match. Of that, I have no doubt. But WALTER has a match against Rampage Brown coming up and I can’t see him losing here with that match on the horizon. It will be one hell of a war, but Ciampa can afford to lose and it won’t hurt him a bit. Look for WALTER to take the victory here.

Winner and STILL NXT UK Champion: WALTER

MSK (Wes Lee and Nash Carter) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) vs. Legado del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza) for the NXT Men’s Tag Team Championships

Everyone seems to think that it’s time for the GYT to have a run as champs or that MSK has this one in the bag. I beg to differ. I’ve been a big fan of Joaquin Wilde ever since the days at TNA as Zema Ion. I’ll never bet against the sexiness that is this man.

Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions: Legado del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza)

Gauntlet Eliminator to Determine Opponent for NXT North American Champion on Thursday (featuring Leon Ruff, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Bronson Reed, Cameron Grimes, Dexter Lumis, and LA Knight).

The winner here gets to face Johnny Gargano on Thursday night for the North American Championship. I just don’t see Ruff or Swerve doing it and fighting the champ so let’s eliminate them. Lumis makes the most sense since he has a history with Gargano, but for some reason, I keep thinking Grimes. What the hell. Let’s go with Mr. Grimes.

Winner and Challenger for the NXT North American Championship: Cameron Grimes

KUSHIDA vs. Pete Dunne.

Pete Dunne is amazing and really belongs on the main roster for WWE. That being said, KUSHIDA is really damn good as well and just needs a chance to show the world of NXT what he’s capable of. This man will be a huge talent for WWE one day. He is the future. But this match should go to Dunne. He really is that damn good.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Night Two:

NXT Men’s Champion Finn Balor vs. Karrion Kross with Scarlett.

This is a tough call since Balor has really been on fire as of late and at the top of his game as the NXT Champion. This is the Balor we weren’t allowed to have on the main roster, but he’s been reborn in NXT and there are few better right now on the WWE/NXT roster. But Kross is here and he’s on a mission. He never lost his title and now he wants it back and the build for this match has been excellent in every sense of the word. I don’t want to see Balor lose, but Kross has been so damn good as of late, he deserves another chance to wear that title and be champion. I think that second coming begins on Thursday night.

Winner and NEW NXT Champion: Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole in an Unsanctioned Match.

This is going to be brutal, violent, and steal the show. Of that, I have no doubt. Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish may get involved, but I hope that in the end, it’s one on one, man versus man, with everything out there that these two men have to give and offer. I think that O’Reilly needs the win more, but it’s so hard to bet against Cole. It’s hard, but not impossible. Both men will leave it all out there in the ring with a match that will forever be proclaimed instant classic. And it will be O’Reilly who takes that trip to the pay window if you will.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin vs. NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar in a Unification Ladder Match.

I like Escobar and he’s an amazing performer who has done an excellent job with the championship, but I have no doubt that this is Devlin’s night. Give the fans what they want and do what’s best for business. So far as the Cruiserweight Championship is concerned, that would be Jordan Devlin taking the win here and unifying the titles.

Winner and Unified NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Jordan Devlin

NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Gauntlet Eliminator Winner.

I predicted Cameron Grimes as the opponent, but it really doesn’t matter who the challenger is. I don’t see Gargano losing and he’s walking out the show as still the NXT North American Champion.

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion: Johnny Gargano

NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon vs. The Way (Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae).

There is something about Ember Moon that I just don’t like. I don’t know what it is, but I just look at her and I don’t get it. I think the titles are going to switch hands here. LeRae is just so much fun to watch and I feel that she and Indi deserve a chance to run with the ball for a bit. It is The Way.

Winners and NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Way (Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae)

And there you go, my predictions for the biggest NXT event of the year. Am I right? Am I wrong? Will you be watching? NXT can almost always be counted on to deliver a great show and looking at the line-up of matches, I have no doubts that this one will deliver as well. Let me know what you think. Thoughts, comments, and any questions are welcome. My thanks for reading. Take care of yourself, stay safe, and I’ll see you at the matches. Until the next time…


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