Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: John Morrison, Edge, Bray Wyatt & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
John Morrison, Edge, Bray Wyatt & More
April 13, 2021

Yes, it’s the second edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A for one day. “Why?”, you ask. Why not, that’s why. It’s this or doing an edition of “Dear Dougie”. The day is still young, don’t you know. Are you ready for some wrestling? Let’s do this.

If you were Braun, and you were given the chance to pick the stipulation against Shane at Wrestlemania, what stipulation would you have picked?

There were few rivalries that interested me less than Braun and Shane and I have no interest in these men and their match at Mania, which ended up being a cage match. What stipulation would I have picked for this match? Only because I haven’t seen one in decades, I think a “Russian Chain Match” would be my pick. Maybe a “Coal Miners Glove Match” would be cool too. But I’d go for something old school, just because.

If you can pick one to dethrone The Tribal chief at WrestleMania 38 who among these two would you pick? Big E or Cesaro?

Are these my only choices? Of the two, I’d like to see Cesaro get a big push and if that means taking on and dethroning Roman, so be it. He would be my pick.

With John Morrison possibly breaking off and going solo, what program would you like to see him in and who with?

John Morrison versus Riddle could be fun. Also, how about a series of matches between Morrison and AJ Styles? That would be very cool as well.

Do you think Chris Jericho on Broken Skull Sessions could push Vince towards working with other companies?

So far as being open to having stars from other companies showing up on podcasts, I could see that happening. But company versus company super-cards and crossover angles like the current Impact Wrestling/AEW deal, I don’t see that happening. Not with Vince in charge anyhow.

What is next for Edge? Also, why wasn’t R-Truth on Wrestlemania?

For Edge, I would expect some more matches with Roman, a feud with Daniel Bryan playing off the whole Mania scene, and then maybe a run going after the Intercontinental Championship. As for R-Truth, why he wasn’t at Wrestlemania and defending that 24/7 Championship, I don’t understand at all. Bayley got put into a stupid role and Charlotte was totally ignored and that was bad. But ignoring and not using the most-decorated champion in WWE history, was just a plain travesty. I don’t understand it at all and think that WWE really dropped the ball here. Truth and the fans all deserved better.

Do you think Bray has a job for life in WWE? Or can you see him moving on and wrestling elsewhere? WWE seems to have endless patience with the guy and is willing to reheat him every time he comes up with some new gimmick tweak.

I think Bray, a third-generation superstar, has a good relationship with Vince, Triple H, and most of the WWE powers-that-be, and they see the potential and talent that the former Husky Harris holds. He’s popular, sells merchandise, and has a strong and creative mind. So long as he’s not promoting Disco Inferno style ideas, I think he’s safe and has strong job security.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to see answered, feel free and drop me a line. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay good. And if you’re a fan here in the Carolinas and want to show some love to a strong Indy faction, support the Movement. It’s the Fallen Artist Derk Douglas, Mr. Sammy Love, The Monster Brad Branson, and a few others. Ask me for more information. It’s the future of the NC Indy scene. Be there! And with that being said, I’m out of here. I’ll see you at the matches.


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