Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Cesaro, WALTER, Alexa Bliss & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Cesaro, WALTER, Alexa Bliss & More
April 14, 2021

My head is pounding and my nerves are shot to hell. Does anyone want a dog? Or a Mom? Let’s do the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A.

What are your thoughts on Mania and NXT’s Mania Takeover being over two nights going forward?

I’m kind of torn on this because I’ve always liked the idea of one big super-show event for Mania and one for NXT, but at the same time, it does make things easier for the casual fans in many ways and I can see where it would really help make Mania into a weeklong extravaganza and event. Tuesday and Wednesday with NXT, Thursday with the Hall of Fame, Friday is for Smackdown Live, Saturday and Sunday for Mania, and then Monday for RAW. Can you imagine the live show revenue and merchandising for this week for WWE? And for every company deciding to piggyback and run shows? If possible, this would make Mania-week even bigger than ever. I think I like that idea.

Who, in your opinion, is the one true “King of Wrestling?”

While many have worn the crown upon their head at some point and time, stars like Harley Race, Ernie Ladd, etc., there is only one man that I immediately think of when I hear the word “King” and that would be Jerry Lawler.

Judging from his performance at Wrestlemania, do you think Cesaro has proven to the powers that be that he deserves a singles title run?

I don’t know, but I sure hope so. It is long overdue for the Swiss Superman and he definitely deserves a strong push.

How would you book WALTER if he went to the main roster?

As a true and legitimate monster. Not unbeatable, but nearly so and dominant of everyone and everything. A WALTER match against Roman would be fun to see. ROMAN versus Lashley would be cool too.

Do you think WWE broke up Alexa and the Fiend in order to give Bliss a singles push with her new character?

I think they broke them up to have two strong characters who have interesting stories, will sell lots of merchandise, and will hopefully put butts in the seats. And if Alexa gets a strong push in the Women’s Division as a result, so be it. That’s cool too.

Why is the daughter of a murderer getting the push of her career meanwhile David Benoit can’t get any sort of break?

I seriously doubt that one has anything to do with the other and any comparison is apples and oranges. Tamina is not her father, rarely uses the Snuka name, and has been a member of the WWE roster for a long time now. Her “big push” was a couple of tag matches, where she and partner Natalya lost, and now she’ll go back to obscurity and WWE catering while waiting for her next opportunity. David Benoit deserves a break. That, I agree, but the sins of the father. David insists on being referred to as a “Benoit” and has a strong resemblance to his father, thus seeing him, unfortunately, reminds everyone of what happened with Chris Benoit, Woman, and their son. It’s not fair to David, but no one wants to remember or think about that fateful night in June of 2007, and looking at him immediately brings that to mind. I’m happy to see Tamina get a push. I’d love to see David Benoit get a break. But life is what it is and doesn’t always work out as we hope.

Best heart punch? Stan Stasiak or Ox Baker?

Much respect to the man, Stan Stasiak, but Ox Baker was the King of the Heart Punch. After all, how many riots did Stan cause?

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to see tackled here, feel free to give me a shout. Until the next time, stay safe, and don’t forget to support your local Independent wrestling companies and superstars. Take care and I’ll see you at the matches.


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