Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Viscera, Stone Cold Podcast, Cody & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Viscera, Stone Cold Podcast, Cody & More
April 13, 2021

It’s been a few days and we’re falling behind. Are you ready to talk about the world’s greatest sport, pro wrestling? Let’s do this with some of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A.

I don’t think AEW realizes the gold mine they have. Tay Conti is just about the hottest woman in wrestling. If they promote her right, she could be the next Becky Lynch.

Conti is a very attractive woman and talented in that ring, but the next Becky Lynch? I don’t see the same charisma or “it factor” that Becky has when I look at Conti. It might just be the weak women’s division that AEW has and inconsistent booking that prevents this, but while Conti is a good performer, she still has a way to go to been seen as a “top star” in my eyes.

Thoughts on AEW star Max Caster?

He’s a talented young man with a possible big future ahead of him. I’ve only seen a couple of matches so far and I can see some potential. I can also see some green awkwardness and rookie qualities, but he’s getting there. Give him a few more years and he might be a top guy at some point. He’s not there yet, but the potential is there.

Thoughts on Viscera/Mabel?

A big man with limited in-ring skills, but looked like a monster and beast. I didn’t care much for his original gimmick as Mabel, one-half of the team Men On A Mission, but in his later run in the WWE as Viscera/Big Daddy V, he was an entertaining character and while his in-ring skills were lacking, he had an imposing look and feel about him. I would have hated to run into him in a dark alley and that has to stand for and mean something.

Thoughts on “Number One” Paul Jones as a wrestler, a manager, etc?

As a wrestler, Paul was one of the top stars of the sixties and seventies and while lacking in size, was believable. His promos were kind of lacking and boring, but he was typical of the star of that era and had a great career. As a manager, he was more or less the mid-card and joke manager, a solid presence on the show and always entertaining, but he didn’t seem quite the threat that a manager like JJ Dillon, Gary Hart, or even Jim Cornette was. His feud with Jimmy Valiant was the stuff of legends though and even though it ran for many years, it never ceased to be entertaining. His feud with Rick Steamboat as a wrestler, that was epic as well and I agree with Jones. Steamboat turned on him.

Who was your favorite wrestler to ever compete in the AWA?

In the AWA, that’s a tough call. I actually did recaps of the AWA on ESPN Classics show for PWInsider.com for a period of time and had a chance to watch many matches from this company during its final couple of years. Stars like Nick Bockwinkle, Larry Zbyszko, Curt Hennig, Stan Hansen, Mad Dog Vachon, Doug Somers, and so many others. But for me, the one that stands out as the best of the best and my own personal favorite was Col. DeBeers. The South African racist portrayed by Ed Wiskowski, was so damn good and a great heel. He set the bar for generating heat that few others have ever managed to come close to over the years. So the good Colonel would get the nod here.

Let’s say, 2-3 years from now Cody (and Brandi) decide, for whatever reasons, that going back to the WWE is what they’d like to do. Do you think he’d be accepted with open arms and be the main event guy AEW positioned him as going after the WWE Championship? Or would the WWE, after all the bells and whistles of his return fade away, slot him right back in the mid-card (kinda like they did with Christian years ago)?

I think Cody would be welcomed back with open arms and most likely be positioned into a top spot fairly quickly to begin. As for how long he stays in that position, it would depend on how well he gets over. If the fans see him as a top guy and the merchandise sales are there, he would keep that top spot, but if the numbers don’t support his push, he’ll fall back into an upper-mid-card position, kind of like how Seth Rollins or Daniel Bryan is used. No one stays at the top forever in WWE and Cody would be no exception. He’d get a good push, make lots of money, etc, but his position on the roster would change every so often. That’s the way WWE works.

Does The Missing Link belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Dewey Robertson, aka The Missing Link, is definitely deserving of a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. His career under his true name was pretty good with strong runs in Toronto and the Mid-Atlantic territories. And then when he became the Missing Link, he had strong runs in Texas, Mid-South, and the WWF. I would absolutely say that this man deserves a spot.

Can AEW do a PPV in a stadium like WrestleMania?


Do you want to see Finn Balor/Prince Devitt come to AEW?

Not really because I don’t see him being a top guy and unique there. Balor stands out in NXT because he’s unique and is different from the rest. In AEW, everyone is a character and Balor would just be a freak among freaks instead of a Demon among superstars as he is in NXT. Balor has a good spot in WWE and while he’s not the “top guy”, it’s nothing to balk at either. I think he’s happy where he’s at and that’s probably where it would best for him to remain.

Who would you like to see Stone Cold Steve Austin interview next on the Stone Cold Podcast?

I’ve really been enjoying the recent podcast with Chris Jericho and that’s going to be a tough one to follow up on. I always enjoy it when Austin and Jim Cornette get together so that would be good. Obviously having The Rock as a guest would be great. Paul Heyman would be fun to listen to. And how about former TNA star Shark Boy coming by to share a cold can of Clam Juice. That would be hilarious. Any of these names would make for some must-hear listening enjoyment in my opinion.

And I guess that’s all for now. I have lots more stuff outlined and coming soon so watch for it. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to throw at me, please feel free and just do it. I would love to talk to you. Until the next time, take care of yourself, stay safe, and I’ll see you at the matches.


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