Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Chelsea Green, Goldberg vs Cesaro, Ronda Rousey & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Chelsea Green, Goldberg vs Cesaro, Ronda Rousey & More
April 22, 2021

I want to slap someone. Instead, let’s talk about wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

What are some things you’d like to see Tony Khan change or make happen in AEW?

The main thing is that I’d like to see is an experienced booker brought in to make sure that there is more consistency in the storylines with fewer repeats of the same thing in three segments of the same show and more attention to details and back-story. It seems right now that none of the wrestlers communicate and you’ll see a group beatdown and then, five minutes later, another group beatdown, followed by three matches with the same finish. Someone just needs to take charge, work out the details, and provide a consistent plan for the show and company to follow rather than what seems to be jumping all over the place and throwing anything and everything out there as they’re doing now.

Vince Russo has insinuated that Chelsea Green was released from WWE due to her relationship with Matt Cardona. Thoughts?

Would WWE be that petty? Of course, they would. Not long after Cardona was released from the WWE, the WWE asked Green if they could film a Mandy Moore/Otis spot using the pool at the home that Green shares with Cardona. Matt said no and WWE was forced to film their segment somewhere else. Matt had just been fired from the company and they wanted to use the pool at his home. Who can blame him for saying no? And WWE doesn’t like being told no and now, Green is released. It might just be a coincidence, but I don’t think so. I hate to agree with Russo on anything, but in this case, I have no other choice. He’s right.

CM Punk and Will Ospreay have traded messages on Twitter implying that Punk would be willing to come out of retirement for a match against Ospreay. Do you think this match will ever happen?

It would be a big payday for Punk, lots of publicity, and he’s expressed interest in wrestling Ospreay so it may happen. I won’t actually believe it until I see it advertised and then read the results, but it could happen. I think there’s a much better chance of this happening than Punk showing up at Monday Night RAW or AEW Dynamite.

In a recent interview, Bill Goldberg said that he’d like to work with Cesaro. Do you think WWE should make this match happen?

While generally, I don’t much care for Goldberg or seeing him wrestle in the WWE, I think a match against Cesaro could be interesting and used to move Cesaro to the next level, helping to get him over. If WWE has to use Goldberg and have him collect a big paycheck, why not use him to make a future top guy in Cesaro. That actually would make sense and I wouldn’t mind seeing it happen.

BrockLesnar versus Bobby Lashley. Do you think this match will ever happen?

Bobby wants it to happen and with the recent news that Ronda Rousey will not be back for a while, if ever, WWE will be more inclined to bring Brock back for a big program if he’s interested, especially if live crowds are back. So for Summerslam or maybe even Wrestlemania 38, I’d say this is a definite possibility.

Ronda Rousey is pregnant. Do you think she’ll ever return to the WWE?

At this time, I would say that while we may see an eventual return of the Rowdy One, it’s going to be at least a couple of years. Once she’s adjusted to being a mother and gotten back in shape after having her baby, I could see Rousey coming back to the WWE to get a paycheck and some publicity and reclaiming her place in the spotlight, but it’s going to be later rather than sooner and it will be at least two years, maybe Wrestlemania 39, at the earliest.

Will John Cena or The Rock ever return to the WWE for a match? If they were to return for one last match, who should their opponent be?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cena and Rock both return for one last match and run. Both are loyal WWE talents and love the business that is professional wrestling and realizes that pro wrestling put them on the map and won’t just walk away without a last hurrah of some type. For The Rock, the way to say goodbye would be a match with Roman Reigns, the “Head of the Table” and “Tribal Chief” for control of the family. As for Cena, I don’t know who would be the right final opponent. Probably a quick squash with Baron Corbin or the Miz where he could cut a promo, and hit the five moves, and go out with a big pop.

Does Brickhouse Brown belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Brickhouse Brown was inducted as a Legacy Inductee in the most recent WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and while I remember seeing Brown as part of the USWA and World Class, he’s not what one would expect as a Hall of Fame worker. Outside of those territories, who knows who he is? I’m guessing that the WWE was looking for names to throw out there as part of the Legacy Class and someone that knew Brown, probably either Jerry Lawler or most likely Jeff Jarrett, threw Brown’s name out there to fill a spot. And Vince asked, “Who?”, and said okay so that they’d have a black person in the group and make it diversified to keep everyone happy. They have to cover all the bases and I guess the actual qualifications and career are moot. Brown was a good wrestler and had a good career, but Hall of Fame? Really? Who’s next? Tony Russo? Rocky King? Porkchop Cash? I’m sure their days are coming. But do they deserve that spot? Not really and neither does Brown.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to see answered, feel free and drop me a line and let’s chat. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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