Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2021 – Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Impact Wrestling Rebellion
Thoughts & Predictions
April 23, 2021

Coming up on Saturday night is Impact Wrestling’s biggest pay-per-view of the year, Impact Wrestling Rebellion. The main event is a rare title-versus-title match between Impact World Champion Rich Swann and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. The rest of the card, very solid as well. Let’s make a few predictions and see if we can figure this event out. Let’s do this.

AEW Champion Kenny Omega vs. Impact Wrestling & TNA Champion Rich Swann – Title vs. Title.

Does anyone really think that Rich Swann is in the league of Omega and stands a chance here? Rich Swann is a good wrestler and I’ll give him credit for doing a great job as the top guy for Impact Wrestling, but this one is going to the man with the charisma and bigger company behind him. Omega is on a belt collecting adventure and it begins here. Look for antics from members of the Impact roster and of course, Don Callis and the Good Brothers, and when the smoke clears, it’s a One-Winged-Angel and new double-champion in Jim Cornette’s favorite wrestler.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling Champion and STILL AEW World Champion: Kenny Omega

Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Ace Austin vs. Josh Alexander vs. TJP.

Austin has really impressed me as of late and while Alexander has looked excellent as well as of late, I don’t think it’s time to change the belt here. Look for Austin to keep and retain and the great matches and stories can continue in the days and weeks to come.

Winner and STILL Impact X-Division Champion: Ace Austin

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs. Tenille Dashwood.

Purrazzo is an amazing talent and doing a great job as the Knockouts Champion, but I just have this gut feeling that this will be the woman formerly known as Emma, now known as Tenille Dashwood’s night. I think that this belt will be changing hands and we’ll see a Dashwood finally get her moment in the sun.

Winner and NEW Impact Knockout’s Champion: Tenille Dashwood.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N’ Flayva vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz’s hand-picked partner, Rachel Ellering.

It’s Jazz’s last hurrah and she’s picked Rachel Ellering, the daughter of Hall of Fame manager Paul Ellering, as Jordynne Grace’s partner to challenge Fire N’ Flayva for the Knockout’s Tag Team belts. Impact loves a happy ending and since their main title will be taking a vacation to AEW for a while, I expect our happy ending will be in this match. We’re seeing new champions when this match ends. Ellering is back in Impact Wrestling and she’s going to start this run by winning some gold. Watch and see.

Winners and NEW Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Jordynne Grace & Rachel Ellering.

Violent by Design vs. James Storm & Chris Sabin & Willie Mack & Eddie Edwards.

Storm and Sabin have been having issues as of late so I think their chances here are pretty null and void. Sorry about their damn luck. So that leaves Violent By Design or Willie Mack & Eddie Edwards as the choices for victory. In a week where racial tensions and BLM are dominating the news, I think we’ll see Impact kind of play the race card here and try not to offend anyone. Look for Mack and Edwards to get the win.

Winners: Willie Mack & Eddie Edwards

Matt Cardona vs. Brian Myers.

Two best friends and long-time partners facing off against each other in what is my most anticipated match of the night. The build has been good and you have Myers as the voice of reason while the former Woo-Woo-Woo guy has an air of arrogance and potential ass-clown going on. This is going to be a fun match that I think has the potential to steal the show if given the chance. Fuck Kenny Omega, it’s the Matt & Myers show. And when the dust has settled, it’s Matt Cardona as the man getting his arm raised as the winner. Woo woo woo – you know it.

Winner: Matt Cardona

Last Man Standing: Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel.

This is the night that Trey Miguel becomes a star because he and Sami are going to kill it and blow the roof off the arena with this match. Yes, I have confidence in Sami and Trey and this is going to be one hell of a match. Look for craziness, plunder, and lots of clubbering. And as I said, it’s going to be Miguel’s night. I just have that feeling.

Winner: Trey Miguel

And there you go. Impact Wrestling has a lot riding on this event and with the addition of AEW Champion Kenny Omega, as well most likely Tony Khan, I’m sure that it will be a show worth watching and remembering, at least until Wednesday and Thursday night. And those are my predictions. Am I right or wrong? And who do you think will be coming out on top at the end of the evening. Let me know what you think. All comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome. And with that, my thanks for reading. I’ll see you on the rewind. Take care and stay safe and I’ll see you at the matches.


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