NWA When Our Shadows Fall PPV: Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
NWA When Our Shadows Fall PPV

Thoughts & Predictions
June 6, 2021

The National Wrestling Alliance, aka The NWA, will be back on pay-per-view and FITE.TV later this afternoon with NWA When Our Shadows Fall. Several matches have been announced and of course, that means it’s time to make a few predictions. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch.

NWA Champion Nick Aldis has held that title for quite a while and it seems as if he’ll be champion forever, but now, matched up against a very determined Trevor Murdoch, I’m beginning to have my doubts. If all you remember of Murdoch is the tag team wrestler from the WWE a few years ago, you’re in for a shock. Much like his namesake, wrestling legend Dick Murdoch, Trevor has really grown and developed into one hell of a classic performer in that ring and a talented singles star with a style that reminds me of Murdoch’s mentor, Harley Race. I can see a title switch here to shake things up for the NWA a bit and ignite a classic feud that could really make for an interesting long-term program for the NWA that will put butts in the seats. Aldis is so good and so is Murdoch, this match should be an instant classic. And the legendary ten pounds of gold, it’s switching owners tonight.

Winner and NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Trevor Murdoch

NWA Women’s Champion Serena Deeb vs. Kamille.

I know Serena Deeb and saw her defending her championship just last week at the AEW pay-per-view. I don’t know who Kamille is, but I’m sure she’s damn good to be stepping into the ring with Deeb. I don’t think this belt is changing hands anytime soon.

Winner and STILL NWA Women’s Champion: Serena Deeb

NWA Tag Team Champions Aron Stevens & Kratos vs. The War Kings vs. Chris Adonis (Master) and Tom Latimer.

Aron Stevens is, of course, the former Damien Sandow of WWE fame. Chris Adonis is the man once known as “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters. The War Kings are former TNA standout Crimson and partner Jax Dane. And Kratos and Tom Latimer are themselves. And this is a match where I don’t know everyone, but I know of one man from each team, and they were all standout performers who the big companies didn’t know how to use. Crimson, Masters, and Sandow all belong in either AEW or the WWE. But they’re not there and are part of the NWA and all a part of this epic encounter for the NWA World Tag Team Championship titles. The War Kings are the most established team so that gives them an edge, but my gut says that a Masterlock might change all that. I’m going for Adonis and Latimer here. The tum-tum never lies.

Winners and NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions: Chris Adonis & Tom Latimer

Thunder Rosa and Melina vs. Kylie Rae and Taryn Terrell.

Four very talented women who all know how to put on a great match and give it all in that ring. No analysis here, but I’ll just go with the gut. Thunder Rosa and Melina should take home a very hard-fought win when the smoke settles and the dust clears.

Winners: Thunder Rosa & Melina

Tyrus with Austin Idol vs. NWA TV Champion The Pope – There Must Be A Winner (non-title)

It’s a non-title event so the champion, Elijah Burke, aka The Pope, can lose and still keep his title. Let’s get serious here. Do you really think that Tyrus is going to leave his comfortable chair at FOX News and The Greg Gutfield Show just to fly down and take a loss? It’s great to see Austin Idol as part of the mix and I think he’ll make his presence known in the match. But here is how it’s all going down. Tyrus wins the non-title event. We get a rematch down the road and Tyrus wins again to capture the title and then the NWA gets the publicity of having one of their champions and their titles shown off on one of the most highly rated cable shows on television daily for a while until, after a few months, The Pope wins his belt back. It’s great publicity for the NWA, for the Television title, for Tyrus, and for The Pope. Just imagine if he was to crash the set of the Gutfield show during a live broadcast? That would be awesome and if Tyrus wins, it could happen.

Winner: Tyrus w/ Austin Idol

JTG vs. Fred Rosser.

One half of the Cryme Tyme tag team versus one half of the Prime Time Players unit as JTG takes on Darren Young, now wrestling under his real name of Fred Rosser. An interesting match to be sure and it could be the dark horse match of the night as both men can really perform and go in that ring. JTG is the sympathetic favorite due to the tragic death of former partner Shad Gaspard and I’m sure we’ll see a tribute of some sort to Gaspard during this match, as well we should. Expect a fast pace and some great exchanges between these two men, but in the end, the final result is obvious.

Winner: JTG

The End vs MechaWolf & Bestia 666 vs. Marshe Rockett and Slice Boogie vs. Sam Rudo (fka Sam Adonis) and Sal Rinauro in a Fatal Four-Way.

I’m tired and time is running out and I have no idea who most of these people are so I’ll just pick a winning team at random for this match. MechaWolf and Bestia 666 just because the names are wicked.

Winners: MechaWolf & Bestia 666

And there you go. So are you planning on watching the NWA as they return to pay-per-view action tonight? Who do you think will be the winners and losers of this event? Will we see some new champions crowned? Let me know what you think in the comment box below or else drop me a line. My thanks for reading. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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