Ten Days Of Dougie (Day 5) – Meet Me, No Respect, Perverted Justice & Pancakes…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ten Days Of Dougie (Day 5)
Meet Me, No Respect, Perverted Justice & Pancakes
July 8, 2021

I don’t know how they manage, but I’ve been awake and out of my room for less than ten minutes, and my loving mother, my two adorable cats, and our ever-faithful dog have all managed to get on my nerves and give me a major pounding headache. This place and this family can be so damn nerve-wracking at times. It must be a gift. I’ll just keep clenching my teeth, biting my tongue, and telling myself that they all mean well. Oy vey! I picked a hell of a week to quit dropping acid. Sighs It’s Day 5 of Ten Days of Dougie. Let’s do this.

So what is on the agenda so far as topics of discussion go? Well, in the past week, I’ve added over three hundred new topics to an already bulging bag of words, phrases, and ideas so when I say that it could be anything, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. If I keep this up, I’m going to need a bigger bag. Let’s reach into the abyss and see what we get. For Day 5, our discussions will be Meet Me, No Respect, Pancakes & Perverted Justice. No, you’re not miscounting and I can still do math (unless it’s that Common Core garbage). I accidentally pulled four subjects out instead of just the usual three and what the heck. Let’s just go with it. What’s an additional rant, right? And away we go.

Meet Me…

A social media site that used to be known as MyYearbook or something like that and now it’s just Meet Me. And I guess it’s okay, but they do kind of suck sometimes. I had an account there and met a good many people, but then I was kicked off for posting a picture that may have been slightly offensive to someone involving wearing sweat pants. I guess that’s the reason because I posted that picture and all of a sudden, I couldn’t log into my account and profile anymore. I tried to contact the site administrators and they wouldn’t reply or contact me back so my assumption has to be that they’re a bunch of uptight pricks who are not professional enough to deal with people and just go heavy on the ban-hammer instead. It doesn’t matter though. I used a different e-mail, made a new profile, and I’ve already met several new guys as a result. They’re even sending me dirty pics and suggestive messages. Yes, I’m using Meet Me to meet guys. Isn’t that the point? They have way too many bots and are third-rate compared to many other sites, but the local guys are cute so I deal with it even if they do suck. And that’s enough about all of that. Let’s move on.

No Respect…

I could go into a big rant about people today and how they haven’t had any upbringing and don’t know the meaning of the word “respect”, not for others and not even for themselves if their language, manner of dress, and behavior in public is an example. We live in a rude and crude world and it’s not going to get any better because the kids today aren’t taught how to use manners, common courtesy, or to be respectful. Somewhere, there are a lot of grandmas, switch in hand, shaking their heads disappointedly. I could do a rant of that nature, but instead, I’ll go the video route and show a true comedy legend, Mr. Rodney Dangerfield, the man who made a career out of not getting any respect. Here you go. Enjoy the laughs as we move on.

Perverted Justice…

Perverted Justice was a group of mostly volunteers from California that worked social media, mostly chatrooms, using decoys, adults posing at children, to fight sexual predators. They were in operation from 2003 until 2019 and the way they worked was as follows. Pose as underage children when in the chat groups and other forms of social media, draw out the freaks and adults seeking young people to meet and molest, arrange meetings if possible, and provide videos and transcripts to the police and media, taking these predators out of circulation via media exposure and criminal charges. Think Chris Hansen and this was the group he worked with to combat sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. Well, these folks and NBC News. When the internet first became big and chat groups were so popular, this group was one of the weapons developed to stop bad people and perverts. Some may call it entrapment, but if the pervs hadn’t been going after kids, they wouldn’t have to worry about it. A necessary evil if you will and they did their job well. They even caught ROH Founder Rob Feinstein. Remember that? A big part of the early days of the internet. Freaks and child molesters beware. Perverted Justice is watching you. And let’s move on and wrap this up.


As simple as they are to make, not to mention as delicious and yummy as they are to eat, I haven’t had pancakes in quite a while. I’ve got everything I need up in the cabinet, but I just haven’t had the patience or time to fix any in quite a while. I need to change that. Unlike the WWE wrestlers The New Day, who toss pancakes into the live audience, I think they’re awesome covered in butter and syrup and going into my mouth and tum-tum. I want some right now. I think I know what I’m having for dinner tonight. It should be good.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and sticking with me as I do my best to inform, entertain, and make each day a semi-decent one. My head has stopped hurting as well so maybe I just needed to relax and write for a bit. Who knows? I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 6. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, feel free and drop me a line. I’ll see you on the flip side. I’m going to go fix some pancakes.


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