Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Wahoo McDaniel, Adam Cole, Ric Flair & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A

Wahoo McDaniel, Adam Cole, Ric Flair & More
August 10, 2021

It’s been a busy morning already, but I have a few minutes to kill before heading out to the doctor’s office and then work. What say we talk some wrestling. Let’s do this.

What are your opinions on Wahoo McDaniel? Was he an underrated wrestler? And do you think that he deserved the World title?

Wahoo, a man I was fortunate enough to see perform live several times, was tough as they come and a far better wrestler than he usually gets credit for. There was way more to the former NFL star than just a few chops. He wasn’t a great promo guy, but in that era, he didn’t have to be. He did his talking in the ring and could go toe-to-toe against anyone. As for the World title, while I can see an argument being made for Wahoo, I don’t think he needed the belt nor would he have been what the NWA was looking for in a World Champion. His style wasn’t as adaptable as say Flair’s or Harley Race’s techniques and to be honest, I don’t think he played the politics very well. A great wrestler to be sure, but World Championship material? Nah, I don’t think so.

There are rumors that Adam Cole’s contract is up and he may be going to AEW. Thoughts?

Cole will do well regardless of wherever he ends up next, be it WWE, NXT, or AEW, but in my opinion, I think his best option right now would be to stay with WWE. If he goes to AEW, especially right now with all the new names rumored to be coming in, he’s going to be lost in the shuffle and won’t make nearly as much money. WWE wants to keep him and he’ll get more chances to make money and break out as a top guy with WWE, at least right now.

Apart from his Midnight Express tag team partners, what was Bobby Eaton’s best tag team partnership in your opinion?

Even taking away Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane, Bobby Eaton was the consummate tag team wrestler. He had successful teams with Lord Steven Regal, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, Phil Hickerson, Lanny Poffo, Koko B. Ware, and Steve Keirn that I know of and I’m sure I’m missing as many as I’ve remembered. This is a tough question, but I’ll take the easy answer. The WCW World Tag Team Championship proves me right. Arn Anderson.

Booker T says that he thinks Ric Flair wants one more run in the ring. Thoughts?

Ric Flair is in his seventies, but I have no doubt that Booker is probably right. Ric is not the manager or announcer type. He wants to be in that ring and getting physical with the boys and even though the body probably can’t handle it anymore, I am sure that the spirit is willing. I just hope that no promoter is stupid and heartless enough to give in and allow Ric to take bumps and wrestle again. Ric may be one of the greatest of all-time wrestlers, but time has taken its toll and there is no way in hell he should or would be able to take bumps or get physical in that ring without putting his life and health at serious risk. I just hope that common sense prevails and we don’t see Ric in that ring again. Most likely though, at least if Ric has his way, we probably will.

Thoughts on Angelo “King Kong” Mosca?

His nickname was Big Nasty and he most certainly was. One of the legit toughest guys to ever step into that squared circle, Mosca was just a big, strong, tough man. Not the best technical performer, but he didn’t have to be. He had a reputation from his days in the CFL and carried it with him into his wrestling career. He was entertaining, tough, and made an impact in the business that is pro wrestling. A definite Hall of Fame legend.

Should AEW sign Juventud Guerrera to a full-time contract?

I’ve always been a big fan of “The Juice” and even if he isn’t quite the performer he was in the ring twenty years ago, he’s still Juvi. I would say yes.

Dave Meltzer has said that the recent Chris Jericho/Nick Gage match on AEW Dynamite was better than the Rock/Hulk Hogan classic at Wrestlemania X8. Thoughts?

I think Meltzer is an idiot and has drunk way too much of the AEW kool-aid. I watched and enjoyed the Jericho/Gage match, even though I cringed a few times at some of the spots. And I’ve watched the Rock/Hogan match many times even though I’m not really a big fan of either man. And there isn’t any comparison in terms of quality or memorability. Hogan/Rock wins by a landslide.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, feel free and give me a shout. And now, off to the doctor and work I go. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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