No Chaser w JHoody & Drunk Dane: Creek Water American Whiskey…

No Chaser w JHoody & Drunk Dane
Creek Water American Whiskey

It’s the terrible twosome back with another review and this is one I was looking forward to, Creek Water American Whiskey. I like this stuff and did a review of my own about a year or so again. It’s rough to start and you definitely know you’re drinking whiskey, but it’s become one of my favorite FTW brands. FTW? Just ask any ECW fan from the late ’90s and they’ll tell you what that means. I had to put in an obligatory wrestling reference in here somewhere. That’s what I do. As for my review of the Creek Water, I’ll put the link here.

And now, two esteemed experts of Fine Spirits have their turn and they didn’t disappoint. Check them out on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok at @nochasejustdrink and on Facebook at No Chaser. And now, enjoy the madness as they take a trip down to the land of milk and honey and have some of that Yelawolf-inspired Creek Water Whiskey. Enjoy.

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  1. Fuck The World!! Lol. That’s exactly where u end up after a fifth of Creek Water American Whiskey. Lol

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