Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Sting, Naomi, Rock vs Roman, Lio Rush & Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Sting, Naomi, Rock vs Roman, Lio Rush & More
October 1, 2021

Let’s talk some pro wrestling. And away we go.

Do you think Rock vs Roman could actually bring WWE back into the spotlight? I mean, that’s just one match max whilst AEW is gathering full-time workers.

I think Rock versus Roman will do excellent ratings, draw in lots of fans, and bring back a lot of older fans who have wandered away. This match-up, especially with the family connections, the legit history between the two men, and the fact that The Rock is involved, it’s a can’t lose proposition. Getting the fans to stick around for anything else after it’s over, that’s another story and the WWE has their work cut out for them. But Roman versus Rock, if it happens, will boost the ratings, the attendance, and the WWE audience for a brief period. Then it’s up to the WWE to maintain the gains.

Do you think Sting will capture gold in AEW? Perhaps not the big one but maybe a tag team championship run alongside Darby?

Sting will not win any gold as a singles performer, but I can definitely see Sting and Darby as tag team champions for a few weeks and a feel-good moment, or maybe these two men, teamed with CM Punk, as part of a Trios Championship team. Admit it, that would be cool.

Who would you rather see face Omega at Full Gear: Adam Page or Bryan Danielson? Maybe a three-way dance?

I’d like to see Page versus Omega finally happen and get wrapped up, but it appears that Danielson has taken that spot and will most likely get the opportunity first. A three-way is a little too WWE for my tastes, but if it did happen, I wouldn’t object all that much. It would make for a classic and epic match.

Would you want to introduce a mid-card women’s title in the WWE if they were to scrap the women’s tag team titles on the main roster?

I don’t think they need to scrap the tag titles, but just give them a little more time, energy, and promotion, and use them more effectively to keep the women competing for said titles strong and interesting. No more singles titles as WWE doesn’t have a large enough Women’s roster or need them, not with the three brands already having singles belts.

Do you think they’ll add Naomi to the Bloodline since she can’t get a match on Smackdown?

While it makes sense, given that she’s married to a Uso, her character, as we’ve grown to know her, wouldn’t fit the narrative and wouldn’t make for a good fit just yet in my opinion. She’s an okay performer, but not in the league of her hubby, her brother-in-law, or their cousin. Just leave her be for now and when she does eventually join the Bloodline, and we know she will, make it a moment that means something and makes an impact. For now, though, less is more and let her do her own thing with the women of Smackdown.

If you have to suggest one match for a person who has never watched wrestling before to watch, what would it be?

My go-to-match has always been The Midnight Express versus The Horsemen at WCW Clash of Champions 4. Watching the styling and profiling of Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane, Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Jim Cornette, and James J. Dillon is pure wrestling magic. But there’s a problem in that classic storytelling wrestling and matches such as these don’t exist anymore and the wrestling that I loved then is not what is on television anymore or in WWE or AEW. So something more modern? How about the CM Punk versus Darby Allin match from a few weeks ago as Punk made his return to the ring after nearly seven years. Either that or Bryan Danielson versus Kenny Omega from a couple of weeks ago. Either works for me.

Would you have Hangman save the Dark Order or would you use Bray Wyatt, in an ideal world?

In an ideal world, we’d have Windham Rotundo, his brother Taylor Rotundo, Erik Redbeard, and maybe family friend Joe Hennig pop up and take control and lead the massive mob that is The Dark Order back to a place of power and prominence.

Do you think Cody will turn heel and Black will be some kind of face?

Cody as a heel? If this past week on Dynamite and that great promo by Arn Anderson talking about his glock don’t seem to point in that direction, I don’t know what does. Yeah, it’ll happen with Cody as the bitter soul and Black as some sort of anti-hero tweener.

Thoughts on Lio Rush joining AEW?

I remember a big deal about him joining New Japan and then he “retired”. Didn’t he also sign with MLW and Impact as well? I can’t remember which one, but at this point, who cares. Rush is a good wrestler and a good talker, but he’s not a team player in my opinion and seems as if he’ll be more annoying than anything else. Tony Khan hasn’t made many bad calls in his signings yet, but this one, the hype is far more than the actual product and Lio Rush? Not worth the aggravation he’s going to bring.

Sammy Guevera is the new AEW TNT Champion. Thoughts?

Hell to the yes. It’s a good move for AEW, a good move for Sammy, and it’s good to see the Spanish God finally wearing gold. I’m happy for him.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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