Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Jay Lethal, Charlie Haas, Eddie Guerrero & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Jay Lethal, Charlie Haas, Eddie Guerrero & More
November 15, 2021

It’s Monday morning and you know what that means. It means I can’t sleep so I’m wide awake, sitting at my computer, and ready to go nuts. But instead of that, let’s do the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. And away we go.

Jay Lethal is now All Elite. Thoughts?

I said a few weeks ago that when ROH announced that they were releasing everyone from their contracts, that AEW should go after Jay Lethal and The Briscoes. Well, it seems that someone was listening. Lethal, as proven several years ago with his great run at TNA/Impact Wrestling, is a great performer, a top wrestler, and very ready for prime time. Lethal is a star on the equivalent of Danielson, Cole, Christian, and Punk. It’s a great move by AEW and for Jay Lethal and I’m very glad to see it happen.

Did AEW make the right call having Adam Page defeat Kenny Omega at Full Gear?

My choice would have been to have Omega retain the title at Full Gear due to a ton of shenanigans and blatant cheating and then to have Tony Khan, obviously pissed off, order a rematch for Dynamite and have Page win the title there on live television in front of a bigger audience. But AEW went for the title change to send everyone home happy and threw in a little swerve there at the ends with the Young Bucks coming down, but giving Page a slight nod instead of interfering to save Omega. That’s called foreshadowing and leaving everyone wondering what the heck? Now we all have to tune in at Dynamite to see what’s going on. Great job by AEW, and with that little swerve, the title switch was the right call.

Thoughts on Baron Von Raschke and his appearance at AEW Full Gear?

The Baron is 81 years old and still looks like he could kick some ass. It was great to see AEW give respect to and allow a cameo spot by a true wrestling legend, who just happens to live in the Minneapolis area. I popped big time when I saw the Baron in the audience and then when he applied the claw to Ethan Page, I immediately flashed back to 1980 when I saw the Baron wrestle Johnny Weaver live at a show in Lumberton, NC for Crockett. It was a great moment and that claw still looks devastating and formidable as ever. The Baron is a true wrestling legend and while the entire Full Gear event was excellent from start to finish, that spot with the Baron and Page, that stole the show in my opinion. And that is all the people need to know!

Charlie Haas recently called out and challenged Chris Jericho on his Facebook page. Thoughts?

Charlie Haas is an amazing wrestler and very overlooked talent who proved, time and time again, that he can definitely bring it. Haas as part of AEW against Chris Jericho? It would be a great match and definitely one for the ages. I hope that Jericho either takes the challenge and goes one on one against the former Team Angle and multiple-time tag team champion wrestler. And if that doesn’t happen, I hope someone from WWE is watching and picks up the phone. Charlie Haas as a surprise in the Royal Rumble match? I’d like to see that and admit it, a confrontation between Haas and Shelton Benjamin. You’d like to see that too.

Roman Reigns versus The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 38. Would you like to see this happen?

A heel Roman versus a face Undertaker in a rematch from Wrestlemania 22, if Undertaker is healthy enough to do it, would be very exciting to see. Right now, it seems as if the Rock can’t wrestle Roman and we’ve already seen Roman versus Brock recently so what’s the alternative? I would like to see WALTER step up, but unless you’re a fan of NXT-UK, he’s not as well known as he should be for a Wrestlemania main event. So Roman versus Undertaker? Hell to the yeah.

How did you react when you heard that Eddie Guerrero passed away?

Mainly it was shocking, unable to react or convince myself that it was really true. And then, as I watched RAW and saw the emotions, the sadness, the tears, etc, I cried. It was a big loss for professional wrestling, for WWE, for his family, friends, and fans. It’s still a big loss even today. Rest in Peace Eddie. You are missed.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and stay good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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