5 Questions: Technology, Bears, Careers & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions
Technology, Bears, Careers & More
November 16, 2021

Are you in the mood to go under the lights and answer a question or two? I kind of am and so I shall, five of them at least. Let’s do this.

You can invite any famous person to your Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Who would it be?

I’m sure that Alice Cooper has plans already with his family and Heath Slater will be with his kids. I’m not sure. I’m generally not too impressed by fame and what matters to me is someone a cool person or not. But the question says a “famous person”. I’ll go with my bro and his family. K-Mak is more infamous than famous, but he’s family, I love the guy, and I know that we’d all have a good day. So there you go.

Where do you see technology taking us in the next 10 years?

To a world where far more people are smart, yet stupid at the same time. A world where people can program their phones, but can’t do simple math, drive a straight drive, or write in cursive. A world where communication face to face is rare and unusual, but those damn texts, tweets, and Facetime messages are the way people talk. A world that is so advanced, but can be wiped out with just one major backout and by cutting off the internet. We’re already halfway there and it’s not a pretty thought or sight.

If you had an Island, what would you name it?

I guess that Doug’s Island would be too simple and I’d need six more stranded castaways to make it work or sound right. Hmm. A name for an Island. Fantasy Island is cool, but I don’t speak with an accent and don’t have a midget sidekick so that’s out as well. Also, it’s already been used. I guess we’ll just call it Victoria’s Cove in honor of my Grandma Vick, my Dad’s mother. She was an amazing woman.

Have you ever faced off with a bear?

The smelly, large, fuzzy kind that has claws, sharp teeth, steals picnic baskets, and likes to bite people’s faces off? I’ve seen them in the zoo and they are beautiful and fascinating creatures. The slightly bulky, hairy man with a beard, piercing eyes, a great smile, and sexy ass. I’ve encountered those on a few occasions and guess what? I rocked their world.

If you were given a chance to change your career, what could be your dream job?

Well, given some recent developments, I may not have a choice but to change my career in the near future and unfortunately, give up the job I love selling fine spirits while chatting with my coworkers and checking out the guys from St. Andrews and wearing gray sweatpants. I hope not, but we’ll see which cards I’m dealt by life and fate over the next few months to find out how that goes. And if I do end up having to make those changes, my dream job would be writing and blogging. I’d have to get much more serious than I am now and more focused, but a career as a full-time blogger would be cool. And if I could figure out this technical crap with the cameras and such, a podcaster with two shows a week. One about the world’s greatest sport/form of entertainment, professional wrestling, and one about current events/politics. Essentially what I do now, but taken to the next level, serious and insightful insight to the world at large. It may happen anyhow and I know I’ve got several excellent people around here that could help make all of that a reality. We’ll just have to see what happens.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions about the topics above or anything at all feel free and drop me a line. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I’ll see you on my island. I’ll be at the bar.


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