Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Dan Lambert, John Morrison, Powerhouse Hobbs & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Dan Lambert, John Morrison, Powerhouse Hobbs & More
November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. So who all is planning on cooking today? Or is it just pack up the kids, go to Grandma’s and bring home a plate or three? I’ve been cooking most of the night and now, I’m just waiting on the bird to finish doing its thing. My Ma, bless her, is over there now trying to do her contributions to the big meal. She means well, but it takes her five times longer to do two things than it did for me to do eight. And I’m on one leg and in a wheelchair. Go figure. But no complaints. She’s trying nd I love her to death.

And you know what else I love to death? The world’s greatest form of entertainment that doesn’t involve midgets, handcuffs, and toy cars, and that’s pro wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Thoughts on Dan Lambert?

A great manager in the style of old-school classic wrestling. He’s not quite a Jim Cornette or Bobby Heenan, but then again, who is? He reminds me of the smaller, territory days manager like Paul Jones, Jimmy Hart, or Sir Oliver Humperdink, and believe me, that is definitely a compliment in every way. He’s a different type of talent from a different time and really stands out from the other “managers” in AEW such as Tully, Arn, Taz, Matt Hardy, or Vickie Guerrero. I’m liking the character and can’t wait to see what he does next.

What do you think about Powerhouse Hobbs?

A strong guy and has good talent that is still a bit green but has a lot of potentials and a great upside. He reminds me of a young Mark Henry, but I doubt he’d fall for the turd sandwich or the cross-dressing ring rat that Henry did. Maybe we can hook him up with Diamond Lil’, Fabulous Moolah’s “damn midget” who is now 77 years old, and do a romance/baby angle. Okay, maybe not, but it’d be funny. Hobbes is a guy to keep an eye on. Barring injury, he’s got a big future ahead of him.

Do you want to see John Morrison in AEW? Johnny Elite?

It works for me. Both Morrison and his wife, Taya Valkyrie, are damn good wrestlers who can add quite a bit to the AEW roster. I know that the current roster in AEW is a bit overloaded and packed, but talent like Morrison and Valkyrie don’t come along very often and Tony Khan should snap them up if available.

What’s your dream commentary team?

How about a three-man team of Rich Landrum (from Jim Crockett Promotions NWA World Wide Wrestling), Dirty Dutch Mantell, and WWE’s Corey Graves.

Dream match you want to see that you feel will never happen however it is certainly possible.

Sting versus Undertaker is still possible but grows more unlikely every day. MJF versus CM Punk looks as it’ll be happening soon in AEW. How about The Miz versus MJF? Just for the promos, that would rock. Jim Cornette versus Vince Russo in a street fight, special referee Dave Meltzer. That would be fun to see. And finally, Heath Slater versus Big E for the WWE Championship, with Heath winning the WWE Championship and keeping the 3MB streak alive.

Charlotte Flair and Andrade el Idolo are no longer following each other on social media. Thoughts?

Maybe they’re having problems or maybe they’re just swerving everyone. It’s their business and no one else’s. I don’t care.

Ric Flair said this on his podcast. “There’s a promoter in Israel that wants me to wrestle your buddy, Sammy Guevara in Israel. I said, ‘$100,000 and two first-class tickets, and I’m there.” Thoughts?

I think Flair is losing it, is full of crap, and is just throwing anything and everything out there to try to stay relevant and make news. This claim? Let’s just say that I have my doubts about the legitimacy of this claim. If it’s true, I would think that Sammy would have mentioned it at some point, but he’s said absolutely nothing. Ric is turning into another Bret Hart and believe me, that’s not a good thing at all. He’s talking to be talking and make noise and at this point, any claim by the Nature Boy needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Or a shot of whiskey as the case may be.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions about wrestling or anything really, just use the comment box or drop me a line, I have to go now and check on my bird. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll see you at the matches.


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