Questions By Casper: Feelings, Guns, Nachos & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Questions By Casper
Feelings, Guns, Nachos & More
December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas Peeps. Long ago, I found a really cool dude on Twitter who likes to ask many random questions. Well, it just happens that I like to answer random questions. You should go check out Mr. Casper on Twitter at @ghostly_host. As for me, I’m going to answer questions. It’s Questions By Casper and it all starts now.

How do you feel when someone asks you a question during a meeting?

It depends on what kind of meeting we’re in and what the question is. I generally prefer to stand in the back, say nothing, and get the meeting over with, but if I have to start talking, then I will. Of course, by that point, the person usually asking the original question starts to have buyers-remorse and wishes I’d shut up.

What is something you do every day without thinking?

Breathe. Also, clean the litter box, turn the coffee pot on, and take my meds. It’s all just routine and habit.

What are your feelings about feelings?

I’m not sure how I feel about feelings. I feel like I should ponder on it and circle back.

What is your favorite thing to drink?

An ice-cold Mt. Dew Zero or a cold-ass Bud Light. Both are good for me.

What are your feelings about guns?

I was never a big gun guy in the past, but we’ve always had at least one here at the house and I respect them. And now, the world has gotten so crazy, I don’t leave home without one somewhere within reach. Go ahead. Make my day!

What are your feelings about censorship?

While I understand that some things are not appropriate for some places or people, my general feeling is that censorship is wrong and should not be permitted unless absolutely necessary.

What are your feelings about New Year’s resolutions?

I make them every year and then break most of them within a week or so. It’s a start though and if you want to accomplish something good, you have to start somewhere.

Are you ready for 2022?

2021 has been a hell bad year for me and I’m absolutely ready to get it over with. So 2022, bring it on.

What is your favorite caliber to fire?

So long as it gets the job done, I’m not too particular.So long as

Have you smiled at someone yet today?

I’ve spoken to a couple of people today via Facebook IM who made me smirk/smile, but I haven’t actually smiled at any real people yet today. No, that’s a lie. I smiled at my cat earlier. He’s someone, right?

What is your favorite snack?

Your boyfriend lol. Nah, I’m not kidding, but that’s not really a snack. More of an appetizer. I like apples or moon pies.

What is the worst thing about loaded nachos?

They’re messy as hell. Before the meal is done, there will be a taco stain on my shirt or pants. Other than that, they’re actually pretty tasty.

How many bathrooms do you have in your house?

Two with a shower in-between.

What is the most annoying thing someone can do?

Lie. Sometimes just talking will get on my nerves, but I can handle it and be cool. But lying to me, that’s not going to end well. Unless you’re cute that is, and then it might end really well. How you doing?

And there you go. My thanks again to Casper for the great questions. And if you have any questions, comments, or thoughts to share, feel free and drop me a line. I’d love to hear them. I guess that’s all for now. Take care, stay good, and have a Merry Christmas. I’ll see you at the bar.


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