5 Questions: Music, Harry Potter Discrimination Charges & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions:

Music, Harry Potter Discrimination Charges & More
January 5, 2022

In a world full of questions, sometimes I like to take a little time and answer a few of them. These come from my Twitter feed this morning. By the way, that’s @Doug28352. Come follow me and I follow back. Now, what was I saying? These come from Twitter. The responses come from me. Let’s do this.

The last time you wore a band t-shirt, who was the band?

I think it was Sublime, but I have three that I wear regularly so it could be any of them actually. It’s either Sublime, Alice Cooper, or Soce the Elemental Wizard. I think it was my Soce shirt with my Alice Cooper hoodie on top. I was cold.

What is the best music to listen to while driving?

If you’re driving around to think and be in your feelings, just trying to escape, play classic old country like Waylon, Hank Jr., Coe, or Conway. And if you’re driving on the highway or in city traffic, crank up the rock & roll like Sammy Hagar, AC/DC, KISS, Alice Cooper, or Metallica. Something hard and loud to put you in the right frame of mind to deal with idiot drivers.

John Stewart, the former host of the Daily Show, says that the Harry Potter books and movies are anti-Semitic. Do you agree?

John Stewart is trying to imply is that the Trolls in the Harry Potter movies and books are intentionally made to look like Jewish people. He says that this is because J.K. Rowling is anti-Semitic. No, John, the trolls are not being made to look like Jewish people. They’re made to look like trolls. Well either traditional trolls or Nancy Pelosi, but she’s far more messed up in the face than any troll. He’s trying to stir up controversy and be offended when there’s no reason or cause. He’s an idiot.

Write 1 word that comes to mind when you think of MARRIAGE.

Just one word? How about “NO!”

How does Nancy Pelosi take a shower without melting?

She long ago sold her soul and is now the vilest, evil, disgusting creature in existence. Although water may melt some witches, she is so sinister and horrifying, even the water is repulsed by her. She doesn’t shower anyhow. She bathes in the blood of poor, lost interns and Congressional staff. She is just a nasty piece of evil… period.

And there you go. Five more questions about life, liberty, and music were answered. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, just give me a shout. Take care and be safe. I’ll see you on the other side.’


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