AEW Battle of The Belts: Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
AEW Battle Of The Belts
Thoughts & Predictions

January 8, 2022

Tonight on TNT, it’s AEW with their first of many Battle of the Belts specials. They can’t do Clash of the Champions, so this is the next best thing. Only three matches were announced, but then again, it’s only an hour-long so that’s not too bad. Everyone should get some time. Anyhow, are you ready for a few quick predictions? Of course, you are. Let’s do this.

By the way, a big shout out to me. This is my 2500th post at this site, And everyone thought it was just a phase. Oh well lol. Congrats to me on my big achievement. Now, let’s get to seeing what the future holds.

Interim TNT Championship Match
Sammy Guevera versus Dustin Rhodes

Originally, this was supposed to be a title defense of the TNT Championship by Cody against the former champion, Sammy, but due to medical protocol, but Cody is not medically cleared, thus some changes had to be made. Stepping up to the plate is Cody’s brother, the former multi-time WWE Intercontinental Champion Dustin Rhodes, who by the way also happens to be the longest-running VLOG Champion for Sammy’s VLOG in history. So it’s Dustin taking on Sammy for the Interim TNT Championship, with the winner to face Cody once he’s been cleared to unify the two titles. This should be a fun match to see, albeit awkward if Dustin wins because that would mean he ends up facing his brother down the road somewhere. But I remember that great bloodfest they had a couple of years ago and if we end up getting Dustin versus Cody II, that’s fine with me. But that being said, we’re not going down that road. I expect to see Sammy get the win here and then go on to face Cody in a Ladder Match to unify the belts. Does that sound like a plan or what? Dustin gives it his all and shows why he’s a legend, but Sammy walks away with the win and the Interim Championship.

Winner and NEW TNT Interim Champion: Sammy Guevera

FTW Championship Match
Ricky Starks versus Matt Sydal

Has Matt Sydal won a match since coming to AEW? He’s a damn good talent and has a great background from his days in Impact Wrestling and as Evan Bourne in WWE, but since he’s been in AEW, the only thing I can remember is him slipping off the rope during his AEW debut. Starks is a good talent and he has the power of Taz and company behind him. I think Starks will do well and retain that title. Wait a moment. I just had a thought. Starks loses the belt and Hook comes in to kick his ass and steal the belt away from Sydal. Then we get a match where Hook kills Sydal and a Starks’Hook feud to build the kid’s career. That sounds more AEWish. Let’s go with that one.

Winner and NEW FTW Champion: Matt Sydal

AEW Women’s Championship Match
Dr. Britt Baker versus Riho

Baker has never beaten Riho in a singles match in AEW. That’s what they’re playing on and using to promote what I expect will be one slobber knocker of a good match. I don’t really see taking the belt off of Baker right now. It could happen of course, but I think Baker has a program coming up with Jamie Hayter at some point and that would work so much better with a title involved. Of course, Hayter has to turn on Baker too, but the signs are there. It’s coming. So look for a great match and some near-falls again and again, but in the end, the dastardly dentist will rely on a little help from her friends and steal a win to retain her title.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Dr. Britt Baker

I have no doubt that we’ll probably also see a little CM Punk/MJF interaction sometime during the event and possibly some more Bryan Danielson/Adam Page tension as well, but so far as actual matches go, those are the only three advertised. And I plan on watching every moment.

So what are your predictions and thoughts about this event? Let me know in the comment box or at my e-mail of Any thoughts, questions, or comments to share, give me a shout. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care and stay good and I’ll catch you later on today with the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and some other stuff. 2500 posts down and many more to go. Have a great one and I’ll see you at the matches.


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