5 Questions: Social Media, Violent People & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions:

Social Media, Violent People & More
January 10, 2022

Five random questions from my Twitter feed. Why? Just because. Let’s do this.

$1,000,000 Cash. No tax. But you have to follow your dreams for the next 5 years. What would you pursue?

An in-home studio of sorts, a new computer, and it’d be five years of writing, podcasting, being creative with a few friends, and pushing as many buttons as I can.

What’s your “I fuck’n hate this song” song?

A hard question because while I’m not a fan of everything I hear from the radio or on YouTube, I don’t really hate any particular song so much that it stimulates the anger and disgust emotions in me. So no real “hate”, but maybe just an intense “heavy sigh” reaction instead. We’ll go with this song right here.

Does social media cause people to do stupid things or does social media cause stupid people to do stupid things?

Social media makes everyone invulnerable and to hell with the consequences. It’s not just the stupio’s, but the smarty-pants as well. Social media is evil and I’ll be sure to say so on my Facebook, Twitter, SpaceHey, and Instagram profiles.

What do you think makes a person psychologically violent?

A lack of upbringing and no empathy or consciousness as to consequences. For some, it’s due to never having been taught how to show and receive love and a life of happiness is foreign to them so they imitate what they saw growing up, see on movies and TV and in video games, etc. And some just are freaking cold & evil, in their hearts, soul, and essence. Scary, but true.

You get one and only one trip before you die, all expenses paid. Where do you go?

Would a customized bus traveling across the country to visit all of my old internet friends and friends from years gone by count as one trip? It’d be gas up and leave Laurinburg and just go, stopping in any town where I have an acquaintance or friend living, until I’ve circled the nation, made a couple of stops in Canada, and then come home. It’d take a while and be expensive, but it would be so damn much fun and awesome.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care, be good, and keep on rocking. I’ll see you at the Nudie Bar.


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