Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Forbidden Door, Rick Steamboat, Charlie Haas & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Forbidden Door, Rick Steamboat, Charlie Haas & More
January 11, 2022

Greetings and how the hell are you? Yes, we have yet another edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. The questions are coming fast and furious and for that, I thank you. And since a couple of my loyal Peeps are doing their part, it’s only fair that I do mine as well. You have questions about the world’s greatest entertainment and I have the answers. Now, let’s do this.

Impact Wrestling Champion Moose says that he’d like to walk through that Forbidden Door and fight Roman Reigns. Thoughts?

Moose is someone who has grown on me over the past few months and even though I hate his name, he’s pretty damn good in that ring. Is he Roman Reigns good though? It’d be an interesting match and fun to watch, but Roman is too big to waste on Moose right now. Maybe in the future, Moose might go to WWE and have his shot, but of all the talents in WWE, Roman is not the one they’re going to allow to walk through that forbidden door and have matches with folks from Impact Wrestling. It’s not going to happen, period!

If WWE has truly decided to embrace the Forbidden Door concept with Impact Wrestling, then who from WWE would you like to see make an appearance in Impact Wrestling?

I saw this mentioned in one of my groups on Facebook and I love this idea. How about R-Truth wandering out on Impact Wrestling TV and acting confused. “This isn’t RAW? My bad!” before walking off. I would pop like crazy for that. Seeing AJ Styles pop up in the Impact Zone would be great as well.

Marko Stunt is trying to get on “The Voice”. Do you think he has a chance?

Marko is actually not a bad singer. He sings better than he wrestles, but that goes without saying. Do I think he’s ready for a show like The Voice? Not really, but his name recognition from AEW may help get him on the show, and since he is an experienced entertainer who knows about playing to the camera and having stage presence, a necessary skill if you’re a wrestler, he might actually do well. Best of luck to Marko with this.

What’s the best match you WERE THERE for?

Two come to mind. One was in Lumberton, NC when I saw Gene Anderson wrestle Johnny Weaver. Both men were older and well past their prime, but they must have been bored or something because they put on a great match, a literal wrestling clinic in their fifteen minutes or so. A great match that Weaver won of course with the sleeper. The other was a match between two friends of mine nearly twenty-seven or so years ago. Ethan Storm and Michael Youngblood in Durham, NC. They literally beat the holy hell out of each other and it was stiff, fast-paced, and just an incredible match. At this point, Michael had only been wrestling a couple of years and Storm, just a few months, but they went out there and tore the roof off the building. The crowd was into it and they both gave 150%. I think Michael won, but I can’t say for sure. And the ride home, that was an adventure in itself. But they proved to everyone that these two were not just two clowns who didn’t know what they were doing. They kicked ass and it’ll forever be one of my favorites.

Is Ricky Steamboat in your top 10 of All-time?

For me personally, probably not. In regards to his ability in the ring, he’s definitely a top guy and a true legend, but his personality and promos were kind of bland and boring. I don’t think I ever saw him have a bad match, but I also don’t think I’ve ever been excited by one of his promos, and that prevents him from making my Top Ten.

Charlie Haas is back and debuted on Impact Wrestling. Are you glad to see Haas back?

I am glad to see Haas back in wrestling, He was damn good back in his day and once he gets over his ring rust, I have no doubt he can be a top guy again. Impact Wrestling is a good place for him to get back in the swing of things and tighten up his in-ring and promo skills for a bit and then eventually, maybe we’ll see him in WWE either with or against Shelton Benjamin. TeamAngle reunited or wrestling against each other, it doesn’t matter. I want to see it.

Thoughts on the ROH Invasion of Impact Wrestling?

I think so far, so good. All of these former ROH talents are just sitting around waiting for ROH to reopen their doors in April and what better way to stay active and keep the ROH name out there than to do an invasion angle with Impact. It’s a good call by Impact and ROH to stir the pot, keep things exciting and it’s actually got me interesting in seeing what happens next. Good deal!

Has there ever been a wrestler that you liked, but didn’t like their promos or interviews?

The first name that came to mind for me when I saw this question would be Barry Windham. He’s a hell of a good wrestler and a true legend in many ways, but his interviews were boring and never did anything for me. Wendi Richter was also like this. She was cool with Cyndi Lauper, but when she got on the mic, it was painful to listen to. Those are the two that immediately come to mind.

Rumors are that WWE is considering having talent from another company as a surprise entrant for the Men’s Royal Rumble. Who would you like to see?

Most likely WWE will go with someone safe that the WWE fans would know and pop big for, who knows the WWE way of working a match. The best options I can see over on the Impact Wrestling roster who the WWE fans would be excited to see are Heath or Matt Cardona. An interesting name that just came to me that would be interesting to see would be the husband of Mickie James, former NWA World Champion Nick Aldis. He’s probably going to be there anyhow with Mickie so why not give him a spot. And if NWA stars are allowed, the National Champion Chris Adonis (Chris Masters) and the NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch both would be great options.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have, then feel free and give me a shout. Until the next time, stay good and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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