Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Mustafa Ali, Ric Flair, Desmond Wolfe & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Mustafa Ali, Ric Flair, Desmond Wolfe & More
January 17, 2022

Happy Martin Luther King Day, my Peeps. If he was alive today, he’d be appalled by the craziness going on in today’s world. He’d be supporting Trump too. Just saying. But this isn’t about politics. It’s about the world’s greatest sport, pro wrestling. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. It’s Monday and it all starts right now.

Mustafa Ali asked for his release from the WWE. Thoughts?

From what I understand, Ali and Vince were at odds in the direction that Ali’s character was to be used and Ali wasn’t happy with what WWE wanted him to do. If this is true, I don’t blame him for asking for his release. Ali came to the WWE main roster with a lot of momentum, but that quickly flittered out and it’s been a small push, total reversal, repeat since. Ali hasn’t been on WWE TV since October and if WWE doesn’t want to use him, then it’s best he leaves and goes elsewhere. WWE. WWE hasn’t commented yet in regards to granting his release, but most likely, they will.

What are some episode ideas for Darkside of The Ring that you may want to see?

Black Saturday is one that I’d love to see covered. The story of the “Love Machine” Art Barr would be interesting, and how about the Johnny Weaver/Penny Banner marriage and story. Another look at the Ring Boy scandal from WWE involving Pat Patterson, Mel Phillips, and the rest of that crowd would generate some ratings as well.

This is just my opinion and it may or may not be popular. But, Ric Flair had the potential to be the coolest podcast in the wrestling genre and instead, he kind of comes off like a tool. Between that and his social media outbursts I just find myself shaking my head way too much. Thoughts?

Ric, as he had proven earlier when he tried to do a podcast with his son-in-law Conrad Thompson, is not good in an environment like a podcast. Ric laughs at his own stories, rambles, and seems to be drunk as often as not. And this time around, with Mark Madden encouraging him, he’s even worse. It’s now all nonsense, mixed with inflammatory stories and comments just to get attention. Ric has long proven he has no character and will do anything for a buck and now that he has a platform like this podcast, he’s just firing rapidly and throwing everything and anything out there, legacy be damned. Flair should be embarrassed and those of us who were once fans, we are just that, embarrassed. You’re not the only one shaking their head. It’s just sad.

Ron Simmons versus Drew McIntyre. Who wins?

Ron Simmons in his prime was a beast in that ring. Drew McIntyre is a beast as well and this match would be stiff and brutal, but probably pretty damn good. I think Drew would get the win here, but when he went home that night, he’d know he’d been in a fight.

Desmond Wolfe was one hell of a wrestler who I believe has been forgotten. I guess he is commentating in NXT UK if I heard right. Still, I think he’d still be a mean opponent for anyone on the roster. What do you think?

Desmond Wolff, better known as Nigel McGuinness, is currently working as a color commentator for NXT and NXT UK and yes, you are right. Nigel had a great career in that ring, working for ROH and TNA, and if he chose to, he could probably have a great match with anyone. Unfortunately, he’s had injuries and had a diagnosis of Hepatitis B, and isn’t able to get medically cleared to work in a WWE ring. Too bad because he’s a damn good performer.

Cody Rhodes is now rumored to be the Forbidden Door entrant into the Royal Rumble. Thoughts?

Of all the people currently at AEW, Cody would perhaps be the one most likely to work in the WWE again as he is on good terms with Vince and knows the WWE ways of doing things better than most. An interesting footnote to this is that right before I started working on this column, I saw on Twitter some breaking news that Cody is working without a contract right now at AEW, as his contract expired, and is a legit free agent. So a return to the WWE for the Rumble could work as a debut and return. I doubt it will happen that way though. I don’t think we’ll see any AEW stars in the Rumble this year. Maybe somewhere down the road, but for now, any surprises from other companies will be from Impact Wrestling and maybe the NWA. Nothing more.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay safe and be awesome. I’ll see you at the matches.


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