Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Chad Gable, The Bar, Damian Priest & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Chad Gable, The Bar, Damian Priest & More
February 13, 2022

Let’s talk some wrestling, Ultimate Wrestling Q&A style. It all starts right now.

Do you think Chad Gable could be the next Kurt Angle?

I think Chad Gable is a fantastic amateur wrestler, an Olympic medalist, and one hell of a talent. The next Kurt Angle? He might be comparable in many aspects of his career, but I don’t think Gable will be the next Kurt Angle or should even try to be. He should just be the best Chad Gable he can be and that should be sufficient.

Would you like to see The Bar reunite, or maybe Ricochet & Cesaro form a proper tag team & win the titles down the line?

I would love to see The Bar reunite. Sheamus and Cesaro made a great team and are arguably one of the best teams of the past decade. But be it with Cesaro or with Ricochet, it doesn’t matter to me. Just push Cesaro and give that man some gold. He absolutely deserves it.

What do you think is the long-term plan for Damian Priest?

A good reign as the United States Champion up until Wrestlemania, a title loss then, and a back & forth bouncing up and down the card for the rest of the year because that’s the way WWE works. Priest deserves a spot at or near the top of the card for an extended period of time, but I’m afraid that he’s probably just the flavor of the month right now and WWE will screw it up as they always seem to do.

Veer Mahan or Elias, Who do you think will return to WWE TV first?

Veer has been appearing on Main Event for the past few weeks so he’s at least in the building and working matches, although being on Main Event, no one is watching him wrestle. As for poor Elias, who knows where he’s vanished to? WWE needs to put his face on the back of a milk carton or do an Amber Alert. He is definitely MIA.

With WWE seemingly heading towards Drew vs Corbin at Mania which, in my opinion, isn’t a Mania-worthy match, who should Drew face?

If not Drew versus Corbin at Mania, I would probably aim for Drew taking on either Cesaro or Kevin Owens. Either would be a great match and well worth seeing.

If Paul Heyman was to become the advocate for a female wrestler, who?

Ronda Rousey is the natural answer for this, but truthfully, that’s too obvious and Ronda doesn’t need Heyman. I would put Paul with Shayna Baszler. With her background and character, she is a legit badass who could be a top lady for the WWE if just given a chance. So make Shayna a Paul Heyman girl and push her to the moon. Rousey versus Baszler is just money waiting to be made.

In their prime, Rick Steamboat versus Chris Benoit. Who wins?

Steamboat was a wrestling machine in every way, shape, and form, but few could match the intensity that Benoit brought to every match. Benoit would win.

In their prime, Triple H versus “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Who wins?

Damn, this would be an awesome match to see. I guess a stipulation could be added to make it a Stephanie McMahon on a Pole match. Yes, I’m channeling Russo for the booking. But enough on that. The contrast in styles and characters would be off the charts and blow the roof of the arena of any show or event. And who would win? Most folks would be going for Macho here, but I think that Hunter should and would win. Chalk up the victory for HHH because that would be best for business.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. And with that, let’s call it a day. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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