Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Drake Maverick, Stone Cold, Bret Hart & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Drake Maverick, Stone Cold, Bret Hart & More
February 23, 2022

When it comes to talking about the world’s greatest form of entertainment, I can go all night. But luckily, this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

I would love for Bianca to beat Becky at Mania. Then the night after, Becky aligns herself with Doudrop and changes her name back to Piper Niven, and she’ll be the Diesel to Becky’s HBK. Your thoughts?

That’s an interesting storyline and it would be entertaining, but I don’t think it will happen. Vince likes Doudrop being Doudrop and WWE owns the rights to that name, not the name Piper Niven, so that won’t change. Becky hiring Doudrop as a bodyguard makes sense, but we’re talking about the WWE and making sense isn’t always a good thing. Most likely, they’ll drag this Becky feud with Bianca on for a while longer, and while that happens, Doudrop will be stuck in a meaningless feud with the returning Alexa Bliss, trying to recreate the magic from Alexa’s past feud with Nia Jax, but with Doudrop as the bully instead of Nia. Yeah, it’s a confusing mess and I like your idea better, but it’s WWE so what else should we expect?

With the direction AEW is heading in for Revolution around the current matches & matches we’ll probably be doing. Is there a match that hasn’t been announced yet that you’d like to see & what match currently are you looking forward to the most as of right now?

So far, the build for AEW Revolution has been excellent and most of the matches that I’d like to see, we’re scheduled to see. I do think we need a TNT Title defense by Sammy Guevera, but I’m sure that’s coming. The match I’m most looking forward to right now is the Dog Collar Match with CM Punk and MJF. That is going to rock.

How many times can WWE fire and rehire Drake Maverick? How do they keep forgetting he’s pretty much their perfect employee? I feel bad for the dude. It’s probably giving him a condition.

Let’s hope that this time around, with Drake working as a writer/producer, and maybe the occasional on-screen appearance, maybe as part of the 24/7 gang, they’ll finally decide to keep him. He’s a good worker, a talented guy, and now we get to see how creative he can be. Best of luck to Mr. Maverick. Here’s to a long and prosperous career with WWE.

Thoughts on Stone Cold potentially coming back, and who would you have him face if it was your choice?

If Steve Austin wants to come back and is making big money by doing so, as he most likely is, and is physically able to do so, I’m all for it. It’ll give Steve one last big hurrah and make the WWE fans happy so it’s a win-win for all involved. As for who I’d have him face, I’d go with either Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn. Either way, you get a good match, a safe worker, and they’re big enough that it makes sense, but a loss wouldn’t hurt them at all.

Who is facing Brock on Saturday 5th at MSG? Who should?

I’d like to see it be Cody, making his big return and, with the help of Roman and Heyman, take out Brock and capture the WWE title. Thus, we still get Brock going after Roman at Mania, while Cody gets a big push for his return, we get a second big match for Mania with Cody defending the WWE title, and everybody wins.

Here is my daily proclamation for my love for Kenny Omega. I miss him on my TV. Do you?

I didn’t know Dave Meltzer wrote questions to my blog. Thank you, Dave. As for asking do I miss him on my TV, not a bit. I am not, nor have I ever been a Kenny Omega fan. I know he’s popular and has his fans, but he’s never done a thing for me and I just can’t get into him. I tried to watch Omega do his thing when he was both AEW and Impact Champion and I wasn’t impressed.

Do you think MJF could follow Cody to WWE from AEW?

When his contract with AEW expires, I have no doubt that MJF will weigh all his options and make the decision he feels is best for his career. And if the offer from WWE is better than the offer from AEW, that’s where he’ll go and rightfully so.

Would you love to see a Sasha Banks / Rhea Ripley feud?

Sasha versus Rhea? That could be pretty good. I’ll say yes to that. Book it, Vince.

If you could put in his prime Bret Hart into any current day promotion, which promotion would you choose and why?

Probably the WWE. Vince and WWE were always good about how to book Bret and use him as a top guy, and even in today’s WWE, I don’t think that would change. Vince might be going bat-shit-crazy sometimes and make questionable decisions, but I think he’d still do Bret right.

If you could have prime Bret Hart in a long-time feud with any current-day wrestler, who would it be and why?

I’d do Bret versus AJ Styles just because the matches would be epic and damn good to watch. AJ can play face or heel and I think the chemistry between these two would be magical to see.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you may are welcome and much appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and be safe. And if you’re out and about and see Veer anymore, tell that dude that we’re waiting for him at RAW. He’s been coming soon since October. I’ll see you at the matches. Take care.


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