Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Four Horsewomen, Cardona vs Sting, Tessa Blanchard & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Four Horsewomen, Cardona vs. Sting, Tessa Blanchard & More
February 24, 2022

It’s time to do that thing, you know, the thing. It’s time to do that Ultimate Wrestling Q&A thing. And it all starts now. Let’s do this.

I saw where WWE was considering a Fatal 4-Way match between The Four Horsewomen (Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley, Becky Lynch) at Wrestlemania, but dropped those plans when Ronda Rousey became available. Should they have stayed with the original plans? What do you think?

WWE has come out now and denied this rumor, saying that a 4-Way match between the four very talented pillars of the WWE Women’s Division was never in the plans for Mania and I agree that for Mania, this probably wouldn’t be the best way to go. Bayley’s return status is still unknown, and Sasha hasn’t been around much lately either, while Becky and Charlotte are both scheduled to defend their titles in what should be epic matches against Bianca and Rousey. Only getting one match with these four strong talents isn’t a good booking for an event like Mania. However, if WWE decided to play up the dissent between the four women, where the belts are not involved, as just a matter of the four women wanting to prove among themselves who the best it, that could make for an epic main event for Summerslam perhaps? Or maybe even the “Queen of the Ring” match final. This is a great match that really needs to happen and probably will at some point, but Mania is not the time, at least not in my opinion.

JBL commented recently that he’d like to come back and manage Happy Corbin. Thoughts?

If JBL is wanting to return to the WWE and manage anyone, WWE should do their best to accommodate the former WWE Champion and Hall of Famer. JBL is a great character, a great talker, and would give a major rub to any talent that happens to be aligned with him. Book it, Vince.

I saw something on Twitter about Tony Khan wanting Matt Cardona to defend the NWA Championship against Sting. Would you be interested in seeing this match happen?

Sting is a former NWA/WCW World Champion and one of the few left from that era who can still go. Cardona is, from what I saw on Twitter, all for it as well. So if Tony Khan can make it happen, let’s have the match. I would definitely be interested in seeing it take place.

When is WWE or AEW finally going to make a move to sign Tessa Blanchard?

If no one has signed her by now, I think she’s essentially out of luck in regards to getting a big contract and deal. It’s a shame because she’s a hell of a talent, but her own tactics and behavior have soured the wrestling world on her and dimmed her once bright star. Someone may one day perhaps throw her a bone and give her an opportunity, but the aspect of that seems to grow less and less with each passing day.

Keith Lee versus Yokozuna. Who wins?

Yoko was an amazing man for his size and absolutely belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame as quickly as possible, but Lee moves just as well for his size and has shown some amazing talent in that squared circle. I think Lee would walk out with the victory here.

What was your favorite wrestling talk/interview segment of all time? I liked Piper’s Pit.

Piper’s Pit was amazing. The Peep Show and The Cutting Edge were great. I was a big fan of Blackjack’s BBQ, A Moment of Bliss, and love to watch Miz TV when it airs as well. But the best, or at least my favorite of all time? A Flair For The Gold. You had Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Fifi The Maid. How can you beat that? Wooooooo!

Who do you think that Miz made that phone call to in regards to fighting the Mysterios at Wrestlemania?

I think Miz called his wife, Maryse, to check on the kids, and then ordered a pizza for dinner and went to sleep in the motel room. Then Logan Paul showed up in the hotel lobby, beat up one of the motel clerks, and then went to Miz’s room, beat on the door, and then stabbed him with a pair of scissors. 2 Cold Scorpio came from out of nowhere and broke it up, and then Miz & Paul, were both sitting there, drenched in blood, and Miz looked at Paul and asked, “Want to be my tag partner at Mania? We can beat up Rey and Dominik.” And Paul smiled a creepy smile, laughed for a moment, and said, “Sure!”. And there you go. Or else he just “called” Logan Paul and the match was made. My way is more exciting though than just one quick phone call.

Do you think Goldberg is really through with the WWE or should they keep bringing him back for future matches?

I think we’ll see Goldberg again every so often. I’m not sure about how often we’ll see him in the ring as a wrestler, and I definitely don’t think we’ll see him in any more World Championship matches, but WWE likes to go back to he well and legends far too often to let him go away forever.

Do you think there is still a chance someone can be added to the Brock V Roman match? I really wanted Rollins in that match for that WM 31 callback.

It’s always a possibility, and with WWE, you never know., but I don’t think we’ll be seeing it this year.

When it comes to Wardlow after he turns on MJF, do we have him face FTR and Shawn Spears before or after? Kind of tired of going through them to get to MJF, I get it but should he just go right through and have FTR on his side?

After Wardlow turns on MJF, I can see some matches against Shawn in his future and they will probably be damn good. FTR is aligned with MJF, but I don’t think they’re quite as concerned with his problems and will be involved with the after-effects of the Wardlow/MJF break-up as you might think. I can see FTR and Wardlow pairing up as a unit, adding Brock Anderson to the mix, and being guided and led by Tully and Arn Anderson in a unit that reminds me of something I remember from days past. I wonder who?

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions you’d like to see answered, use the comment box below or drop me a line at Doug28352@yahoo.com. Until the next time, take care of yourself and be good. Don’t just be cool, but be Mexi-Cool. I’ll see you at the matches.


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