Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: McMahon vs Hogan, Asuka, WWE Booking & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
McMahon vs Hogan, Asuka, WWE Booking and More
March 1, 2022

Are you ready for some wrestling? It’s meaner than a grizzly bear with ingrown hair. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A and it starts right now.

So Shane McMahon has issued a challenge for Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania. If Hogan says yes, how would YOU book this match?

If Hogan was physically able and said yes, I’d do it like this. Hogan sends in a video to RAW and mentions Shane’s challenge. He says that if Shane wants to fight the Mania, brother, it’s on. Hogan states that he’ll be at Wrestlemania and whatcha gonna do. The usual schtick. Then we get to Mania. Shane comes to the ring with a mic and calls out Hogan. Hogan comes out, cuts a promo, and says Shane is going down, brother… to the Mania. Axel-Mania. Yes, I’d have Curtis Axel come out and revive his whole Axel Mania gimmick and character. Shane is pissed but says ok. We get a quick match where Shane dominates most of it, as befitting a McMahon. Hogan causes a distraction from outside the ring and Axel nails Shane with the big boot. Legdrop and pin. Hulkamania and Axelmania celebrate their win. The fans are happy. Shane had his match. And everybody wins.

I keep hearing that Asuka is ready to return, but WWE doesn’t have any plans for her creatively. How is this possible?

I’ve heard about this and the story about lack of creative plans was speculation by one man that was ripped off and given a life of its own by the dirt-sheets. We’re talking about Asuka and given who she is and her status in the WWE, WWE Creative doesn’t need too much to pin her into a spot at Mania. All she needs to do is show up, issue a challenge to see who is ready for Asuka, and whoever comes out, there you go. It’s just that simple. So either she’s not medically cleared yet to return or WWE is just holding off with her until after Mania. But so far as not having anything for her creatively, that’s just hogwash.

Wouldn’t you rather see Vince versus s Steve Austin at WrestleMania?

Honestly, I don’t want to see Vince anywhere near the ring. If Austin is going to have a match, I want it to be against someone who is a good worker and can give Steve a fitting farewell, not a clumsy, deranged old man. So let Steve fight Owens and let Vince do whatever it is that Vince is doing. It’s better for all involved.

Dewey Robertson versus The Missing Link. Who wins?

Well, it’s a tough call considering that Dewey is the Missing Link, and vice versa. Who wins if they were separate people? Link would since he was the bigger name and brought in the most money for the Robertson household. Dewey was a great wrestler but didn’t have that it, that strong character that brought in the fans. As the Link, he did.

Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen versus Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins. Who wins?

Seth and Owens are damn good and better technical talents, but Ole and Stan were just plain old-school tough as nails and mean, when necessary. This would actually be a fun match to see and a great contrast of styles, but in the end, Kevin and Seth would take the fall and do the job, and probably feel honored to do so. Ole and Stan win.

Finn Balor won the United States Title on WWE RAW and Damian Priest turned heel. What the hell is going on with WWE right now?

It’s Vince McMahon booking and the WWE. If that doesn’t explain it, nothing will. Finn Balor, and Ricochet over on Smackdown, have essentially been in limbo for the past year or so, and all of a sudden, they’re getting pushed and Balor is the new U.S. Champion. And Priest, who has been used regularly, but with a mostly forgettable reign as the U.S. Champion, just decides to change his character from face to heel with no reason why except for Big Show isn’t with the company anymore. Someone has to do it, I guess. And what about Edge turning heel and doing a conchairto on AJ Styles for no reason at the end of RAW? It’s just crazy times in the WWE and nothing makes sense anymore. It’s what you get when a senile old man is boss. Oy vey!

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at the old mill stream.


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