Impact Wrestling Sacrifice 2022 – Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
Impact Wrestling Sacrifice
PPV Thoughts & Predictions
March 4, 2022

Coming up tomorrow night in Louisville, Kentucky, it’s Impact Wrestling’s latest pay-per-view, Sacrifice. It’s a loaded card of what I fully expect to be a very entertaining professional wrestling event. It starts at 7:30 pm on the regular pay-per-view provider, FITE.TV, Impact+, and Impact’s Ultimate Insiders YouTube Channel. So are you ready for a few predictions? Let’s do this.

Impact Wrestling Champion Moose vs. Heath Miller.

We have Moose, who has been dominating the Impact Wrestling scene for quite a while and putting down every challenger who comes his way. And we have Heath, a former WWE jobber, who is more famous for being a nice guy and having kids than any matches or title reigns. Most people would assume this to be a squash and easy win for Moose. I’m not most people though. Moose is impressive, but there are reports that he’s working with an injury. Heath has never looked better or been more focused than he is right now, ready to break that glass ceiling and be considered more than a One Man Band joke. My gut is saying this match will rock. It’s also saying that Heath will finally ascend to the next level.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling Champion: Heath Miller

Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Trey Miguel vs. Jake Something.

Trey Miguel is a wrestling beast. Jake Something isn’t bad either, but I hate that name. I’m sure that Mr. and Mrs. Something is proud of their son and that he has a career outside of working for State Farm, but that name, but maybe he’d better go back to wearing khakis. He’s not winning the title here.

Winner and STIL Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Mickie James vs. Tasha Steelz.

Tasha Steelz and her sidekick like to cheat. Cheaters never win, especially since they cheated Chelsea Green to get to this match. I think the match we all want to see is Mickie versus Chelsea, and to get there, we need to get Steelz out of the way. Chelsea gets involved to prevent any interference and on her own, Steelz falls to a chick-kick from the champ, Mickie James.

Winner and STILL Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration vs. The Influence.

This is what, the third or fourth pay-per-view event where this match is supposed to happen? I hope we actually get it this time. The IInspiration are the former Iiconics of WWE fame, Cassie Lee & Jessie McCay. The Influence is Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne, often accompanied by Kaleb with a K. Having the former Iiconics as the tag team champs was cool for a while, but it’s lost its appeal and luster. I’m smelling a title switch here.

Winners and NEW Knockouts Tag Team Champions: The Influence

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. Eric Young & Joe Doering.

I’m ready to call this immediately for the Good Brothers, but something I saw in an advertisement makes me stop. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, the Good Brothers, are scheduled for a match coming up against the ROH Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes. While I fully expect the Briscoes to be fighting FTR when the new, Tony Khan ROH opens back up, this is the warm-up fight for that esteemed tag team. Champion versus champion looks better in the build for this than former champs versus champs. Considering how many crossings over there are these days with the so-called Forbidden Door, I wouldn’t be surprised to see either an ROH talent who’s aligned with the Briscoes or hell, maybe even the Briscoes themselves, get involved. Let’s add some gas to the fire. Interference from an outside party and Eric Young & Joe Doering take advantage. We have new champions.

Winners and NEW Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions: Eric Young & Joe Doering

Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino.

Rhino is seeking revenge for Eddie Edwards turning on Impact Wrestling and helping out Honor No More to win their match, and Impact Wrestling contracts, last month at Impact Wrestling Rebellion. It’s not happening here. Rhino may deliver a GORE! GORE! GORE!, but when the referee counts the three, it’ll also be his shoulders on the floor.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Jay White vs. Alex Shelley.

Alex Shelley is damn good, but there’s no reason for him to win. Jay White is here with his Bullet Club allies. White is picking up a strong win here.

Winner: Jay White

PCO vs. Jonah.

The experience versus the size and power. A former Quebecer, the man named PCO has done it all. He’s older but hasn’t slowed down a bit in a long and very successful career. Jonah is a rising star, just recently signed to Impact Wrestling from the land of NXT, and is set to make his mark in the world. If it was a tag match, I’d go with PCO. It’s a singles fight and I think the advantages go to Jonah.

Winner: Jonah

ROH World Women’s and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo Champ Champ Challenge.

Purrazzo has the open challenge for her title belts. Who will answer the call? Well, let’s pick a name. How about Athena, aka the former Ember Moon? These two women are familiar with each other and there is history so I’ll choose her as the possible opponent. Chelsea Green is a possibility as well, but I think if she’s there, her attention will be more focused on the James-Steelz match. So let’s just go with Athena. She comes out, she challenges, and she loses to the champ. And the belts stay right where they’re at.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Giselle Shaw vs. Lady Frost.

I’m not familiar with Giselle Shaw. I’m very familiar with Lady Frost. She’s cool.

Winner: Lady Frost

Kickoff Show: Honor No More’s Matt Taven & Mike Bennett aka The OGK will face Impact Wrestling’s Rich Swann & Willie Mack.

I really have no idea on this one and I’m getting tired so let’s predict this the easy way. Heads for The OGK and tails for Swann & Mack. I’m flipping the coin. Heads it is. I like heads.

Winners: Honor No More’s Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis

And there you go. It’s a packed show from top to bottom, and those are my predictions as to who I expect to see as the winners and losers of the evening. So what do you think? What are your predictions? Use the comment box below and let me know, as well as any questions or thoughts you may have. All comments are very appreciated.

And with that, I’m out of here. Take care and be good. Watch out for any flying tennis rackets. After all, this show is taking place in the hometown of one Mr. Jim Cornette, right? Be safe and I’ll see you at the matches.


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