Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Promos, Cesaro, Steve Austin & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Promos, Cesaro, Steve Austin & More
March 7, 2022

More bang than a diamond cutter by DDP, it’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

I recall Prichard saying to The Rock/Austin etc regarding promos, It’s live, so if you can take the chewing afterward, just say it. How likely is it a talent does that now? Could they? Is there a delay? Would they be fired straight after?

Back in the day of Austin and The Rock, the talent was given bullet points for their promos, so there was a little more leeway in regards to getting the promos done and the message across. Now, the talents are given a script and expected to recite it word for word, as written. More likely than not, there would be consequences, depending upon who the wrestler is, and hell to pay if a talent deviated from the script. It’s not likely to happen.

Right now, rumors are that the possible Steve Austin/Kevin Owens story for Wrestlemania may just be a confrontation instead of an actual match. Which would you prefer to see?

Given how long it’s been since Austin has had an actual match, I can’t say I’m really surprised that it may be changed and just be a confrontation of sorts instead. But for me, so long as Owens eats a stunner and Austin spills some beer, I’ll be fine with it.

Jade Cargill versus Nia Jax. Who wins?

The editors of Botchomania would be the big winners here. Well, they and people who have twisted minds and like to make memes. I can already see it, a mishap by Jade and Nia screaming about her hole. If they don’t kill each other first, Nia would end up winning.

Wild prediction. Cesaro joins AEW. He gets involved in Kingston’s match since they have beef and joins Jericho and Hager who was his tag partner in WWE to build a new and stronger Inner Circle. What do you think?

Well, Revolution was last night and Kingston got the clean pin on Jericho without any help so your idea? Nah! However, if Jericho did decide to recruit a new group for a new and improved Inner Circle to replace Sammy, Ortiz, and Santana, I think having Cesaro and Hager together as a team, with Jericho as their manager, would be kick-ass to see. I’d be happy.

The 4 Horsemen had one legitimate big guy in the group, Sid Vicious. Luger doesn’t count because he was only 6-5. What big man do you think could’ve been a formidable big man with The Horsemen? I’d say BIG JOHN STUDD.

John Studd was a good big man who had a history with Flair, but he and The Horsemen never really crossed paths. And to get to your point, Windham was 6’5 as well, so he’d qualify in the big man category if you wanted to get technical about it, but the thing is, The Horsemen didn’t really need a big man in that sense. They were all technicians in the ring who could work a good match and talk. An all-power and no finesse member wouldn’t really make any sense or fit in that group. Sid didn’t really belong and didn’t last long, and to be honest, I can’t think of anyone right off the top of my head that falls into that category that would make a good fit for the Horsemen. Maybe a then-unknown like Bryan Clark (Wrath, Adam Bomb) would work, but the Horsemen didn’t really have an big men because they didn’t need them.

Eric Bischoff claims AEW needs a “larger than life star”. Is he right and if so, who would you suggest?

How about CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, or MJF? I’m kidding, although I do think with MJF, AEW has their own Roddy Piper-level heel. But for someone to really build around and make into a mega-star, their own Roman Reigns if you will, how about Wardlow?

Should Tony Khan reach out and make an offer to Jim Cornette to run ROH? Would Cornette do it?

It never hurts to reach out and have a conversation and to be honest, I think Cornette would listen to what Khan has to say. As for actually doing it, Jim makes too much money with the podcasts and the Cornette’s Collectibles, all without ever having to leave his home. He would listen to what Khan has to say, but most likely, he’d decline.

Killer Khan versus Sid Vicious. Who wins?

Khan was the man in his day and is the man who is credited (kayfabe) with breaking Andre The Giant’s leg. And Sid, well, he’s Sid. I’d go for the mad Mongolian in this one.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe, or else I’ll rap you with my cane, you pencil-necked geek. I’ll see you in the ring.


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