Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: AEW Revolution, Russian Heels, Women & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
AEW Revolution, Russian Heels, Women & More
March 9, 2022

With more hard times than Dusty Rhodes at a Four Horseman reunion, it’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

How would you rate AEW Revolution on a scale of 1-10. What was the best match? The worst match? Favorite moment?

On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a solid 8.0. The best match, to me anyhow, was the CM Punk versus MJF DogCollar Match. The worst was Britt Baker versus Thunder Rosa. The match was fine, but I just wasn’t into it like the rest. And my favorite moment? The appearance of William Regal. I marked out big time. A very good moment for AEW to be sure.

Darby Allin is just modern Spike Dudley. Change my mind.

Nope. Darby wears face paint, rides a skateboard, and hangs out with Sting. Spike dated a superhero, wore overalls, got pushed around by his brothers, and didn’t even own a skateboard or face paint. They’re nothing alike.

I wonder if wrestling promoters are thinking about Russian “heel” gimmicks again?

In today’s politically correct, woken world, an evil Russian would be tasteless, badly received, and not get over at all. So has a promoter been thinking about it? This is professional wrestling. Of course, they have. Coming soon to an Indy promotion near you, an evil Russian. Watch and see.

What was the territory you watched on local television back in the day and what territory did you try to read about the most in the magazines? For me, my local territory was Mid-Atlantic (JCP) and I could not get enough of World Class in the magazines.

I’ve grown up in North Carolina so it was Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, (Jim Crockett Promotions) for me every week. And the territories I loved to hear about and read about in the Apter Mags were Georgia & Florida. The WWF was cool too for it’s larger-than-life characters, but I was always an NWA guy.

Who was the best manager for Jimmy Snuka? Was it Buddy Rogers, Gene Anderson, or Captain Lou Albano?

Captain Lou “used” Snuka and took advantage of him. Rogers was probably the “father-figure” type of manager for Snuka and worked well in that role, but my personal favorite was Gene Anderson. Gene was an odd choice to be a manager, given that he rarely talked as a wrestler, but it just worked, and seeing Gene manage Snuka and Ray Stevens, it was a great time for wrestling. It just worked.

Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas) versus The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, The Usos). Who wins?

This would be a damn good match. Kurt is so good, as were Haas & Benjamin. And what can you say about Roman and The Usos, but they’re damn good as well. I can’t decide on this one so I’ll flip a coin. Heads for Team Angle and tails for The Bloodline. Tails it is, so I guess Kurt and Company would have to acknowledge the Head of the Table and their Tribal Cheif. It would still rock as an awesome match.

So the two biggest rumored matches at Mania turned out to be not true. So who is to blame? WWE? Dirt sheet reporters? Or us fans who fall for these lies?

No one is to blame. Speculating about wrestling is what we, as fans, do. WWE has ideas and the dirt sheets release and teases what they’ve heard. Then we fans run with it, speculate, and try to anticipate what comes next. It’s the nature of the beast. No blame, but just the way things are. Get used to it because it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Today was International Women’s Day, so who are your five favorite Women wrestlers of all time?

Right off the top of my head, for my five favorites of all time, I’d go with Ivory, Sherri Martel, Penny Banner, Ann Casey, and Asuka. Ivory, Sherri, and Asuka for what I’ve seen of them during their careers and in that ring. Ann and Penny for the conversations and friendships I was able to develop with both women.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good. I’ll see you in that big blue cage.


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