Wrestling Fact of Fiction: Steve Austin, Dolph Ziggler & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Steve Austin, Dolph Ziggler & More
March 18, 2022

Over at 411mania.com, there is a weekly column called Fact or Fiction, written by Mr. Jake Chambers. The nature of the column is that Jake makes statements and then we either agree or disagree and explain why. It’s a fun thing and generally, I do my version, giving my replies. And that’s where we are now. This is Wrestling Fact or Fiction. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Statement #1: Stone Cold Steve Austin coming back for a match with Brock Lesnar would be better than the current Wrestlemania plans for both.

FICTION: At this point, Austin, who hasn’t had a match in over fifteen years, wouldn’t be able to have a believable match against someone like Brock and it would be just another two-minute bomb, aka Brock/Goldberg II. It would suck! As it is now, we get Austin in a story with Kevin Owens and Brock versus Roman. Two great situations instead of one. It’s definitely better this way.

Statement #2: CM Punk should be the next challenger for Hangman Page’s AEW Championship.

FACT: Punk has pretty much wrapped up his story with MJF for now and needs something to do. He’s a legit top guy and is a natural choice for the top contender. Page has wrapped up his deal with Adam Cole for now and needs a strong opponent. Basically, it’s a no-brainer. Make it happen, Tony Khan. 

Statement #3: Pete Dunne’s new Butch gimmick will be successful on Smackdown.

FACT: Dunne is just that damn good and a strong performer, so anything like a stupid nickname, won’t harm him very much. It’s actually good in that it’s drawing attention and putting the spotlight on Dunne. Eyes are on Dunne because people see the wrongness and hear that dumb name and want to see what the fuss is about and all he has to do is wrestle and make an impression, something I doubt Dunne will have any problems with.

Statement #4: Dolph Ziggler being the NXT Champion is annoying.

FICTION: Dolph was being wasted and not used for anything on the main roster, but since this move to NXT, he seems to be more motivated and has kicked it up a gear, plus it adds star-power that people actually know to the NXT experience. It helps NXT give their talents more experience and the chance to learn by facing a WWE veteran, plus it gives the fans a chance to see one of the best in a positive environment. It’s definitely not annoying to me. 

Statement #5: You remember when you first saw Scott Hall invade WCW.

FACT: I remember it very well, watching Nitro while recording RAW on my VCR, and getting ready for work at the same time. I worked the third shift then. And I was watching the clock, watching my wrestling, and then here comes Scott Hall through the crowd and I’m like, “Oh shit!”. History was being made and I was able to see it happen. Hell yeah!

And there you go. Another one in the books. My thanks to Jake Chambers and 411mania for allowing me to use their stuff to do my stuff. And my thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be good. I’ll see you at the matches.


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