Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Bret Hart, Dolph Ziggler, Wrestling Families & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Bret Hart, Dolph Ziggler, Wrestling Families & More
March 31, 2022

He’s Buff and he’s the stuff. Bagwell for Wrestlemania 38 as the mystery opponent for Seth. How about it? Okay, maybe not, but a Buff Cameo would be cool. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Let’s do this.

Do you think it is likely Bret Hart comes back and manage FTR?

Normally, I’d say no, but with the start of the Owen Hart tournaments just getting ready to begin, an appearance by The Hitman makes sense and would be, as they say, best for business. I think we’ll see it happen.

Who is your favorite of the famous wrestling families?

There are so many to choose from including the Anoa’i Family, The Hart Dynasty, The McMahons, The Von Erichs, The Hennigs, The Ortons, and so many others. But my personal favorites are, to the surprise of absolutely no one, The Windham Family. You have Blackjack Mulligan, his son Barry and Kendall, the son-in-law, Mike Rotundo, the two grandkids in Bray Wyatt & Bo Dallas, and about a million “cousins” that were created in the imagination of Mulligan. That’s the family reunion I’d love to attend for sure.

Thoughts on Dolph Ziggler as NXT champ?

It’s given Dolph a chance to shine for a bit. It’s helped jack up the ratings for NXT. It’s given Bronn Breakker a chance to work with and learn from one of the best in-ring workers in the business. All in all, I’d say it was a great move by WWE and I’m glad to see it happen.

If you were to choose a tag team partner to go up against the best tag team in the world, then who’s your partner and who are you facing?

Currently, the best tag team in the world is FTR, at least in my opinion. So a partner for me to have by my side as I fight FTR? Since he’s proven to be so accessible on Twitter and really seems to be an awesome dude, I’ll go with Buff Bagwell. Yeppers, that’s it. Me & Buff versus FTR. It sounds like a match for Dynamite to me.

Who would win in a fight? Bret Hart or Batman?

Batman. He’s more likely to play dark, use foreign objects, and just be more focused. Bret might get a shot or two in, but hey, it’s Batman. ‘Nuff said!

Thoughts on Butch and Gunther?

The names are, in my opinion, stupid, but the two men behind the names, Pete Dunne and WALTER, are damn good in that ring, are great larger-than-life characters, and if I had the chance to make the call, would be in World Championship contention right now.

Are you, like me, still struggling to comprehend how they misused Kurrgan in late 1997-1998?

Who? Oh yeah, the big ass guy in the Oddities. Yes, I agree that they could have used Kurrgan better and made him into a strong mid-card or even lower-tier top guy, much like they did Khali, but with the difference being that Kurrgan was actually not a bad wrestler. He wasn’t an HBK by any means, but he moved well for his size and could have been used in a much more productive manner. I blame Vince.

Dream Match – 1 year of build time. Which TWO!? Any era, at their prime. Who wins?

One year to build the match? How about Roman Reigns versus Hulk Hogan, for the WWF Championship. Just imagine the great build that Harley and Ric Flair did for the first Starcade, amp it up about a thousand degrees, Hogan and Roman in the Race/Flair roles, and the power of the WWF Machine behind them. People would be going Hogan versus Andre who? Hulkamania may have been the strongest force in the Universe at the time, but even the mighty Hulkster would have to stop and acknowledge his Tribal Chief. I’m not a big fan of either Hogan or Roman, but this match would be awesome.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, or any questions you may have are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay good and be awesome. I’ll see you at the matches.


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