Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2022 – Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
Impact Wrestling Rebellion PPV
Thoughts & Predictions
April 23, 2022

Coming up tomorrow night, live on pay-per-view from Poughkeepsie, New York, is Impact Wrestling’s Rebellion. It’s a packed show to be sure, and of course, that means it’s time to channel my inner Gary Spivey and do a few predictions. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Three Way Match – X-Division Championship
Trey Miguel (c) vs. Ace Austin vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

I’ve been seeing a lot of Mike Bailey as of late all over the place and he’s quickly building up a good name for himself and quite a reputation. Miguel, he’s already got that reputation and status established, and impresses me every time he steps into that ring. Ace Austin? I recognize the name, but admittingly haven’t seen many of his matches. This should be a really good match and impress a lot of people along the way. I don’t see a title change happening here though.

Winner and STILL Impact X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
The Influence (Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood) (c) vs. The IInspiration (Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay)

How long has this match been scheduled to be happening? I seem to recall the same match scheduled for every PPV for the last four or five months and it never seems to happen. Maybe this time will be the charm, right? Who knows? If it does happen as scheduled, I think we’ll see a title switch here. Oh wait, I just realized something. Somewhere along the way of the past few months, there was a title switch. My bad! So everything I said thus far, forget it. No change and the champs, the Influence, are keeping their belts.

Winners and STILL Knockouts Tag Team Champions: The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood)

Impact World Championship Match
Moose (c) vs. Josh Alexander

Both of these men are majorly underrated and don’t get nearly any of the recognition they’re due. This should be one hell of a good match. Both Moose and Alexander have great chemistry and work together so well. Part of me is saying that we’re due a title switch here, but Moose has been so dominant for so long, my gut says the reign of Bullwinkle will continue, and the gut never lies.

Winner and STILL Impact Wrestling World Champion: Moose

Jonathan Gresham vs. Eddie Edwards

I think I saw some reports that Jonathan Gresham got injured a few days ago and may be out of this match. Or was that someone else? Hell if I know, but for the sake of my predictions, let’s pretend he’s fine, perfectly healthy, and will be in Poughkeepsie tomorrow night. And if he’s there, he’s going to have a great night and take that trip to the pay window, if you will. It’s what my gut is telling me, and as I said earlier, the gut never lies.

Winner: Johathan Gresham

Jonah vs. Tomohiro Ishii

I’m honestly not sure who Tomohiro Ishii is, but I think he’s a Bullet Club guy from New Japan. Or maybe not? I don’t know. But I do know who Jonah is and this young man is impressive and moves very well for a man that size. I think Jonah takes home this one.

Winner: Jonah

Knockouts Championship Match
Tasha Steelz (c) (with Savannah Evans) vs. Rosemary

I’m not a big fan of Tasha Steele and feel she owes Mickie James a rematch soon. But that is for later and now she’s fighting Rosemary. I watched a movie the other night from the ’70s called Rosemary’s Baby. Remember it? I think this Rosemary and that one might be related. They both creep me out. No title change here.

Winner and STILL Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion: Tasha Steele

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship Match
Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

Deonna is good, but she’s also the current ROH Women’s Champion and no one needs two belts. Taya Valkyrie needs some gold around her waist.
I’m thinking after tomorrow night, she’ll have some.

Winner and NEW AAA Reina de Reinas Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Three Way Match
Chris Sabin vs. Jay White vs. Steve Maclin

All three men can really go and are amazing talents, but I think this one is pretty easy to decide.

Winner: Jay White

Eight Team Elimination Challenge For The Impact World Tag Team Championship
Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, and/or Joe Doering) (c) vs. Seven teams TBA

We’re only a day away from the PPV and even after Impact Wrestling aired last night on AXS, I can’t find any listing of the seven teams that are to be announced for this match. I suspect we’ll see the Good Brothers as part of this, and based on some stuff I saw on Twitter, I think that the Major Players, aka Matt Cardona & Brian Myers, may be involved too. And what the hell. For my own amusement, I’ll make up a team. How about Buff Bagwell & What Culture’s Simon Miller. They’re my current two favorite wrestling folk on Twitter so I’m adding them as well. That still leaves four more teams? Impact is reminding me so much of WCW with this last-second booking. I’m sure that DECAY will be part of this and we’ll round out the rest with maybe Heath & Rhino and the former ROH Guys, Honor No More. Eight teams and nothing but chaos and confusion. I don’t expect Violent By Design to keep the belts, but who wins? Hell, let’s go with The Major Players. Matt Cardona needs more title belts.

Winners and NEW Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions: The Major Players (Matt Cardona & Brian Myers)

And there you go with my predictions for Impact Wrestling Rebellion, tomorrow night on pay-per-view. So what do you think? Am I right? Am I wrong? Who do you think will walk out with their arms raised in victory? Tell me in the comment box, or else let me know in my e-mail of, along with any questions, comments, or thoughts. Thank you for reading, and with that, it’s time to call it a night. Until the next time, take care and be safe. I’ll see you at Impact Rebelllion. Have a great night.


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